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Help your agents realise their full potential

Agent score cards

Help your agents realise their full potential

Use agent score cards to improve contact centre productivity and engagement

Well-trained, motivated agents improve service levels, positively affect customer satisfaction, and can lift an entire contact centre team’s spirit.

Agent score cards are an easy-to-use feedback tool that help managers to deliver objective employee evaluations. Agents can access their evaluations in real-time to help unfold their full potential and become more productive.

Monitor quality and coach your agents, wherever they are located. Identify areas for training, assess quality processes and generate insights to continually improve the customer experience.

Engaged and loyal employees contribute to reduced agent turnover and increase contact centre efficiency.

Agent score cards
Customised Performance Scorecards

Use flexible scorecard templates to score agents against a range of criteria. Tailor to your business needs, from greeting callers, order confirmation, providing information, to upselling.

Flexible and Objective Evaluation

Not every question will conform to a yes/no answer or suit a sliding scale. Use a flexible framework, to implement multiple answer structures and scoring weights within an individual scorecard.

Simplified Reporting and Recordings

Use built-in reports for calibration and performance management. Add multiple call recordings to evaluations. Drag-and-drop audio bookmarks into questions for future coaching sessions.

Agent score cards
Improve Agent Productivity and Engagement

Scorecards are an easy-to-use feedback tool to agents understand how they are performing and find ways to improve. Agents can access feedback in real-time, including details of their latest evaluations. They can assess the reasons why they have scored well, or poorly, and adjust accordingly.

Loyal Employees = Long-Term Success

Use the insights gained to identify individual training needs and empower advisors to accelerate their careers. Create custom coaching agreements with specific performance goals. Reducing attrition and retaining skilled, talented and motivated employees long term is key to running a profitable business.

Never Miss an Opportunity to Pitch

Monitor the performance of your sales advisors to ensure they present appropriate offers. Proactively measure customer sales cues and the corresponding agent sales pitch rate. Ensure agents are listening actively, maximising their sales activity and managing objections with ease.

Agent Evaluation Scorecards – the secrete sauce to high standard of customer service. Create customised scorecards that reflect strategic goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), and departmental needs. Provide feedback to agents to help them understand how they are performing and find ways to improve.

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