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Help your agents

Real-Time Speech Analytics

Help your agents

Use Real-Time Speech Analytics to say exactly the right things, in the right way

Innovative Real-Time Speech Analytics monitor and improve live conversations and evaluate call recordings


Provide live feedback to agents and team leaders about what is being said and how. Analyse speech, the phrases used, monitor stress levels, speech clarity, frequency of interruptions and more, all calls are in progress.

Be certain of compliance for all calls. Confirm that agents are adhering to the script and ensure that mandatory phrases are conveyed in every interaction. Verify that contracts are explained correctly to reduce cancellations and customer disputes.

Whether in the contact centre or at home, agents can use our innovative speech analysis technology to coach themselves. 100% objective, they can correct mistakes during calls and optimise every conversation to increase customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Speech Analytics
Check for Phrases & Keywords

Automatically determine if important and predefined phrases and keywords were mentioned correctly, even if worded differently. Verify script adherence, correct greetings, customer identification and more.

Verify Agreement & Confirmation

Use dialog pairs to ensure compliance when customers need to answer, give their consent, opt-in, or accept terms and conditions, etc. Generally, these are question-answer pairs e.g. “Are you over 18?” and “yes/no”.

Watch Out for Good & Bad Phrases

Define ‘good’ and ‘bad’ phrases to support agents when receiving complaints and help them stay on brand. Visually flag up wrong phrases or give positive feedback all in real-time. Measure the correlation between sales rates and bad or good phrases.

Real-Time Speech Analytics
Offer Helpful Hints

Automatically categorise calls based on the occurrence and proximity of predefined keywords and phrases. This can also be used to automatically display hints to agents in specific situations, such as ‘next-best-offers’.

Real-Time Speech Analytics
Measure Clarity and Tempo

Assess and correct the pronunciation of important phrases. Pop up warning messages when an agent talks too fast. Determine average speech tempo for agents. Check speech clarity of outsourced centres.

Real-Time Speech Analytics
Evaluate the Volume

Gauge the volume of your agent and customer. Display hints if the agent is perceived to be talking too loud or quiet. The agent can immediately adjust the microphone position of the headset accordingly.

Check Your Stress Levels

Detect the emotional state of both agents and callers. High stress level indicates happiness, excitement or annoyance. A low value may indicate boredom or tiredness.

What’s Your Ideal Speech Ratio?

Correlate between speech ratio and success rates. Detect if customers still have open questions at the end of the call and more.

Real-Time Speech Analytics
Really Listen

Evaluate sentence and pause lengths. Check if agents listen actively or speak continuously. Regular long pauses could indicate a poorly designed script.

Real-Time Speech Analytics
Practical Help Via a Virtual Coach

Monitor and improve conversations in real-time by checking to see whether pre-defined phrases and keywords were said during the call. Real-Time Speech Analytics informs the agent immediately and without delay on the screen about a mistake made. This allows the agent to correct it during the call.

Check the Quality of the Audio Signal

As well as triggering automated guidance and warnings to the agent on their screen, alerts can prompt a supervisor to listen live to any call, where they’ll have the ability to either support the agent discreetly via ‘whisper’ mode, or in the most extreme event take over the call themselves.

Easy to Use and Multilingual

Real-Time Speech Analytics is intuitive and easy to use and requires no specialist speech expertise. Clear metrics and graphical statistics show agent and campaign performance and flag problem calls for quality assurance and evaluation in a completely objective way. The solution is available in a range of languages and dialects.

Real-Time Speech Analytics help your customer-facing agents to say exactly the right things, in the right way, on every call. Capture compliance requirements, especially when concluding contracts or during financial transactions.

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