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Monitor, Manage and Control

Call Accounting and Analytics

Monitor, Manage and Control

Enghouse Proteus Call Accounting and Billing

Maximise your investment in your communications systems


With communications technology and services becoming increasingly complex and expensive, call accounting is more important than ever. Especially now that a greater proportion of employees are working remotely.

The ability to monitor and manage the cost of communications is essential for gaining visibility and control overspending.

Our advanced call accounting and analytics application, Enghouse Proteus, provides detailed analysis of your communications systems. From cost management to network management and planning, Enghouse Proteus helps identify cost savings and productivity improvements.

Control Your Telecoms Cost

Use Proteus dashboards and reports to perform real-time and historic cost analysis, compare rate plans across carriers, set cost-based alert triggers and identify unused or underutilised assets for decommissioning.

Integrated Microsoft Teams Contact Centre
Allocate Costs Efficiently

Make it easier to budget and manage communications costs across single or multiple sites, even countries and multiple currencies. Schedule reports to allocate and charge costs back to specific departments, cost centres or individuals periodically.

Optimise Your Networks

Call accounting helps businesses understand if their voice and data networks are being utilised efficiently, are at capacity, or are underutilised, and how this varies over time.

Spot Fraud, Demonstrate Compliance

Automatically identify potentially fraudulent activity, such as toll fraud and out-of-hours breakout calls. Trigger alerts based on response times, call duration, trunk utilisation, frequent calls to the same number, emergency calls, high cost calls, or call destination such as prohibited numbers or countries.

Support Business Case for Migration

Analyse detailed usage information on legacy platforms to identify the cost to operate trunks, under used assets that can be decommissioned, staff usage of specific assets etc. Then track activity as users are moved, showing adoption rates and cost savings achieved on the new infrastructure.

Simple and Efficient Service Billing

Simplify call accounting management for businesses such as legal firms, managed offices, telecom operators. Produce branded billing reports based on usage, percentage mark-up and defined fixed costs. Reports can be scheduled and filtered to meet precise needs, with a full audit trail in place.


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Enghouse Proteus
Monitor Staff Activity

Generate reports showing employee communications activity and cost and can show performance against defined key performance indicators (KPIs). Visualise your data on dashboard for real-time monitoring and create and manage views specific to your individual needs.

Manage Complex Unified Communications Platforms

Unified communications platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Cisco UCM, are complex to manage as they require different resources depending upon the communications channels chosen by end users. Proteus helps to manage these complex platforms by providing granular analysis of system activity.

Differentiate, Compare and Correlate Communications Activity

For example, Proteus can differentiate and compare voice, video, conferencing, IM and file sharing, as well as analyse each individually. Analyse Response Group call routing and utilisation. Correlate communications activity with network quality of service (QoS). Identify user adoption trends, for instance by measuring softphone vs. hardphone use.

Call Accounting and Analytics

Maximise the return on investment of business-critical services with Enghouse Proteus

Get a Deeper Understanding of your Communications Data

Benefit from a comprehensive analysis of your communications systems. Find out how you can benefit from real-time dashboards and a complete set of reporting features. Manage Call Detail Record (CDR) specifications from over 100 UC, IP and TDM communications systems. Analyse Quality of Service data for selected IP PBX.

Enghouse Proteus
Gain maximum efficiency from Microsoft Teams

Proteus for Microsoft Teams

See the big picture and be able to analyse at a granular level. Report itemised usage data across audio calls (Teams and PSTN), video calls, group calls, screen shares and auto attendant dials. Report on latency jitter, packet loss and round-trip time and calculate a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for service quality.

Call Billing for Trading Floors

Enghouse Proteus Trader

From single trading floors to international trading companies, use Enghouse Proteus Trader to demonstrate compliance within a heavily regulated industry. Verify trader usage of turrets, monitors PSTN and private wire assets. Pair it with Proteus Enterprise to provide a bank-wide telecoms view.

Call Accounting and Analytics
Enghouse Proteus
For the medium to large corporate markets

Enghouse Proteus Enterprise

Identify cost savings and improve productivity across your organisation. Use our advanced, scalable call accounting application for detailed analysis of all your company’s communications. Cost calls independently, compare carrier tariffs, identify unused assets, and monitor the quality of service.

Cloud-based call accounting solution

Proteus Cloud

A SaaS option for customers looking for the advanced call detail analysis offered by Proteus to help manage their Cloud and on-premise communications solutions. Supports the CDR specifications for many Cloud and on-premise Unified Communications, IP-PBX, and trader-voice systems, plus analysis of QoS data for Cisco UCM, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams.

Enghouse Proteus Cloud
Enghouse Proteus
Add Ons

Optional Features

Find out more about optional features that deliver specific additional functionality aimed to make administration easier, particularly for larger systems. Includes mobile phone analysis, VoIP QoS analysis, personal and business call management, and PBX control features


Call Accounting and Analytics

From cost management to network management and planning, we can help you identify cost savings and productivity improvements.

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Enghouse Proteus Call Accounting for Microsoft Teams


Enghouse Proteus provides companies with comprehensive analysis of Microsoft Teams usage and can combine this with analysis from other communications platforms in use within your organisation, to provide a consolidated view across your business. This is achieved by presenting analysis, via dashboards and reports of call records and QoS data imported from Teams and other sources. It is one of the first Call Record analytics applications for Microsoft Teams on the market.

Productivity and KPI Measurements

Measure staff activity to ensure both productivity and work-life balance is maintained.  This is particularly relevant with high levels of home working.

Migration Planning

If you are transitioning from on-premise PBX systems or Skype for Business to MS Teams. Proteus is ideally placed to provide detailed usage analysis before, during and after migration.

Quality of Service

Monitor your communications network and remote workers to ensure consistent quality of service is being maintained and identify issues quickly.

Cost Management

Identify unused or under used assets for discontinuation; run cost analysis and cost allocation on PSTN and mobile services; identify potentially costly fraudulent use of services.