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Visualise and interact with your data

Business Intelligence

Visualise and interact with your data

Transform the data generated in your contact centre into business opportunities


Contact centres generate and store an extraordinary amount of data in relation to customers, agents, interactions, and conversations. However, too much data often makes it difficult to get valuable information that can make a difference.

Enghouse Business Intelligence (BI) is designed for organizations of all sizes looking for a detailed understanding of their businesses, across a single-site, multi-site, or globally dispersed multi-national deployments.

Our powerful Business Intelligence capabilities transform data into actionable insights, aiding business decisions and improving contact centre operations.

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SQL/DB Expertise Not Required

Designed for companies of all sizes, our BI capabilities are useable by business analysts and managers.

Intuitive, Visual Dashboards

Easily understood reports are presented via dashboards, variables and customisable layouts.

Easily Modified, Real-time Reports

A wide variety of predefined interactive widgets minimise data analyses.

Uncover Issues and Opportunities

Our powerful data manipulation easily identifies issues, trends, and outliers.

Identify Issue Cause/Effect

Quickly customise data models without impacting standardised reports.

Gain Customer Insights
Extract Precise Drill-Down Info

Personalised KPI monitoring includes multiple configurable alarms.

business intelligence
Powerful Self-Service BI Capabilities

Perform comprehensive data and root cause analyses, on any data stored across a single or multiple Enghouse solutions.

A Single Tool to Generate Insight Across Your Organisation

Suitable for single site, multi-site, or globally dispersed multi-national companies looking for a detailed understanding of their businesses.

Accelerate Cost Saving Initiatives

Use powerful analytics to identify hidden issues and inter-relationships to improve contact centre operations and overall CX.

Business Intelligence

BI accomplishes data visualisation and interaction in order to answer complex queries in just seconds.

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