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Actionable Insight from your Contact Centre

AI-Enabled Agent Evaluation

Actionable Insight from your Contact Centre

AI-Enabled Agent Evaluation - SmartQuality

Take your contact centre to the next level

On average, fewer than 5% of customer interactions are ever evaluated.  This means contact centres miss out on valuable business intelligence and learning opportunities. This is because rating agent performances requires lots of manual effort and considerable time.

Call and screen recording and live agent monitoring tools, supervisor-led advisor evaluations, and coaching systems – all require lots of resources. Moreover, analysing such small samples, often in fast forward mode, makes it hard to be fair and accurate. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the largest contributors to call centre employee dissatisfaction and high turnover rates.

Enghouse SmartQuality uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to evaluate advisor in handling customer interactions – across all channels. Helping you to deliver a better customer experience overall, exceed customer expectations.

AI-Enabled Agent Evaluation
Do more

Review up to 20x more interactions thanks to AI.

AI-Enabled Agent Evaluation
With less

Supervisor could spend 30% less time reviewing and scoring advisors.

Do it better

AI is objective and consistent, reducing subjectivity in the advisor evaluation process.

Gain actionable insights

Combine customer interactions into your Voice of the Customer programme.

Quality Control & Customer Insight Solutions
Improve continuously

Well-coached advisors and actionable insights improve CX.

Increase revenue

Improving customer experiences drives better business.

AI-Enabled Agent Evaluation
Evaluate all advisor interactions

Using AI, Enghouse SmartQuality can evaluate up to 100% of advisors and customer interactions, across all channels. This significantly improves overall insight into individual advisor’s strengths and weaknesses. As a result, it is easier to discover and resolve pain points before they become serious problems for customers and advisors alike.

Be impartial, objective, and consistent

SmartQuality automatically identifies interactions that fall above and below KPI’s, creating a bias-free scoring system. This not only saves significant time but also enables impartial scoring and management of advisors. A fair and unbiased approach will help boost agent morale across your organisation.

Understand more about your customers via every interaction

Enghouse SmartQuality can extract actionable insights and identify issues and opportunities that often remain ‘hidden’ in NPS or CSAT scores. Additionally, you can combine customer feedback surveys with agent interactions to uncover issues, opportunities, and trends from every customer communication.

Instead of constantly putting out fires, find ways to exceed everyone’s expectations with consistently high-quality customer engagement.

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With more objective evaluation and better coaching employees are more motivated and engaged. Advisors are better equipped to handle each interaction and deliver a positive outcome. Improved coaching will also reduce the time taken to on-board new advisors.