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Monitor, measure and improve your performance

Quality Control & Customer Insight Solutions

Monitor, measure and improve your performance

Quality control and customer insight solutions to optimise your CX

Gain even more insight and value

Quality control and customer insight solutions are designed to improve customer service and employee productivity. Do you have the right tools to achieve regulatory compliance or to resolve customer disputes quickly? Do your VoC programmes deliver useful customer insight?

Enghouse Interactive provides a range of tools and solution for quality and workforce management, business optimisation and customer intelligence. From call and screen recording, real-time speech analytics, performance metrics, score cards, call billing and reporting to VOC analysis.

All our Quality Management solutions are highly scalable and modular. So you can choose what you need today and future proof your investment.

Quality Control & Customer Insight Solutions

The move to remote working has made monitoring and ensuring quality more complex and difficult than when all staff were together in a single location. Find out how our quality control and insight solutions can help.

Call & Screen Recording

Accessible from anywhere, our multichannel recording solution is designed to deliver compliance, security, and improved service levels. Live monitoring and secure call recording enable businesses to comply with PCI standards, protect customer information. Improve the customer experience by unlocking business insights from customer conversations. More…

Call Billing

Enghouse Proteus, our call accounting software, provides detailed analysis across all communications systems, consolidating data into a single, centralised system. Manage your telecommunications costs, network infrastructure, employee productivity, potentially fraudulent activity, cost allocation and onward billing. More…

Score Cards

Monitor quality and coach agents – wherever they are located. Agent scorecards are an easy-to-use feedback tool that helps managers to deliver objective employee evaluations. Identify areas for training, empower your agents, reduce contact centre attrition to continually improve the customer experience. More…

Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Collect and act on the complete Voice of the Customer. Analyse text-based customer conversations and brand administered feedback such as surveys in real-time for emotion and key trends. Provide a real-time, accurate picture of customer satisfaction that delivers detailed customer insights into areas for improvement. More…

Quality control and customer insight solutions are not just for contact centres

Our Quality Management Suite (QMS) can be used across many business areas that need to understand the quality of service delivered. From help desks and desk-based sales teams to individual operators and call attendants. We can help you to document interactions as well as provide consistent and constructive feedback to employees.

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Quality Control and Customer Insight Solutions

Ensure high quality customer interactions with live quality monitoring programs. Derive value from every interaction across any channel – voice, video, text, social media, etc.