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QMS 7.1 helps to support the evolution of the Enghouse Interactive contact centre products by supporting multi-channel recording, allowing text communications such as instant messaging, web chat, email and SMS, to be natively captured from the contact centre applications in the Interactive portfolio. The multi-channel recording features also support third-party systems, including Skype for Business instant message recording, as well as providing generic APIs for use in integration with other third-party platforms.

In addition to the multi-channel functionality, QMS 7.1 also provides important updates to the Cisco and Skype for Business integrations, helping improve the end user experience and lower cost of ownership. Further details are provided below. Other enhancements improve the security and compliance features of QMS and can be beneficial to those customers interested in the forthcoming European GDPR regulations.

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Enhancements in QMS 7.1

Multi-channel Recording

  • Native support for Enghouse Interactive Omni-channel contact centre products
  • Support for Skype for Business IM recording
  • Generic APIs for third-party integration
  • Recorded text conversations can be used with the Agent Evaluation software

Cisco Enhancements

  • Official support for the Cisco network-based recording method, e.g. via the CUBE gateway devices
  • Integration with Cisco UCCE contact centre, providing metadata capture and storage and the ability to set recording rules
  • New XML handset app for Cisco handsets providing recording functions such as search and playback on the handset
  • Multiple protocols, e.g. SCCP and SIP, can now be supported on a single QMS recording server

Skype for Business Enhancements

  • Improvements to the Packet Forwarding Service (PFS), which is now the preferred server-side recording method
  • PFS now supports TURN and STUN encoded audio packets
  • RTP Data Collector now supports automatic updates
  • IP addresses have been decoupled from Skype for Business subscribers

Other Highlights

  • Four-eyes authentication – an optional feature that requires an additional authorised person to allow playback of recordings
  • Amazon Web Service S3 storage support – use S3 storage as a cost effective location for online recordings
  • Litigation hold – mark recordings that are required for investigations for permanent retention (or until they are unlocked)
  • Improved support for Avaya IP Office softphones, which no longer require a static IP mapping
QMS matrix

QMS 7.1 Feature Matrix

A comparison of the features and functionality added since version 4.3 [click to enlarge]:

QMS matrix
Please refer to the product Release Notes for full details.

Improving the Daily Lives of the People of the Contact Center

The Enghouse Interactive portfolio strives to improve the daily lives of people in the contact centre through interaction management software and our 2017 software releases are a huge contributing factor to this mission.

We know happy contact centre agents equal happy customers, but who is the happy agent? We believe it’s the agent that’s in control, has all the information they need at their fingertips, isn’t stressed, can confidently handle every challenge and come back tomorrow to do it all again.

It’s our mission to develop great tools that allow agents to do exactly that – leave the office every day knowing they conquered every challenge thrown at them and made their customers happy. Our strong relationship with our customers has given us a real understanding of what makes them tick. We work alongside our customers to ensure they’re not fighting their battles alone.