CRM Integration

Giving agent information on the specific customer that they’re speaking can dramatically improve customer satisfaction. Many organisations today are taking advantage of CTI software to improve the productivity of their contact centre agents, enhance the customer’s experience, increase customer loyalty, and to generate additional revenue.

Enghouse Interactive CTI for CRM provides integration to a number of leading CRMs, such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics to name but a few.

With the CTI for CRM integration, agents receive productivity – enhancing features such as application screen pops directly to the contact at call arrival.

“What’s your name and account number again”

One of the biggest customer frustration, is repeat information and be passed around to many people to resolve issue. The customer expects that, no matter when and hold they choose to interact, the business will always know who the person is, what is the interaction history and the most appropriate agent available for them to speak to.

CRM integration can help by being put in place with pop ups displaying information about the customer in real-time, enabling customers to be delivered quickly to the person within the organisation best disposed to answer them and queries to be resolved even faster.


  • Reduce call time by 10-20 seconds per call
  • Instantly retrieves and screen-pops customer related information
  • Provides a better and more immediate response to the customers
  • Increases first call resolution
  • Offers a more personalised experience to the caller
  • Dials out automatically and faster with a single mouse click
  • Handles higher call volumes

Give agents, customer information at their fingertips and direct them through to most relevant person to resolve their issues, reduce customer frustration

Enghouse Interactive CTI for CRM

Enghouse Interactive has developed CTI applications for specific CRM solutions including; Salesforce, Siebel, Oracle, Microsoft CRM Dynamics to name but a few. Allowing organisations to leverage the data initiatives and help resolve customer issues more quickly.

CTI for CRM connects directly with Salesforce CRM, providing the agents with a 360 degree view of the customer and linking call and caller data into the Salesforce application. Armed with this information, agents can personalize their interaction with the customer, respond more precisely to customer inquiries and can resolve customer issues on a single call.

With responsive and knowledgeable service representatives, your organisation will stand out from the crowd and build long-lasting relationships with customers. Ultimately, a satisfied customer leads to customer retention, which enables your company to grow existing business.

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Enhance the way your organisation manages and fosters its customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrations allows agents using the Microsoft® Dynamics CRM application to process calls, emails and faxes more efficiently and deliver a higher level of customer service

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Leverage telephone network information, such as ANI and DNIS, and data entered at the IVR to route the call to the proper geographical location or to the best qualified agent, eliminating unnecessary transfers and resulting in increased first call resolution rates.

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Instantly retrieve customer data from your CRM system or enterprise database and display it on the agent’s screen when they receive the call. Use this a standalone with your existing system or part of our contact centre suite

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Organisations making a high volume of outbound phone calls can realise significant savings by slashing time lost to misdialled numbers.

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