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Take your customer experience to the next level

Live Video Chat

Take your customer experience to the next level

Offer live video chat for even greater customer engagement

Integrate live video chat into your website, mobile app, or in-branch kiosks


Whether you provide customer service, offer product support, conduct demos or even provide medical advice, video increases customer engagement.

Secure video chat adds a personal touch that strengthens relationships, builds trust and delivers better outcomes.

Live Video Chat
Live Video Chat
Connect Face to Face

Engage directly with your customers via video chat. A stronger emotional connection can lead to improved performance metrics as well as increased customer lifetime value.

Exceed Customers Expectations

Video calling has become the ‘new normal’ and customers are more practiced at virtual face-to-face interactions. Delight them by offering a reassuring video chat with speedy visual troubleshooting.

Live Video Chat
Easy Click to Video Chat

Make it simple for your customers to connect with you visually, right from your website, mobile app, or in-branch kiosk. Offer a convenient and human touch to your customer interactions.

Match Agent Skills to Customers

Use skills-based call routing to improve efficiency. Instead of simply choosing the next available agent, assign incoming video calls to the most suitable advisor.

Live Video Chat
Entertain During Wait Times

Automatically stream videos to help keep customers engaged and connected with your brand. Show clips tailored to the situation, company updates or even advertisements.

Improve the Customer Experience

Offer post-call surveys with simple-to-click star ratings, multiple choice or free text fields to learn valuable insights from your customers.

Live Video Chat
A picture is worth a thousand words

People relate to seeing other people and engage more deeply than through text-based channels. Stronger emotional connections not only improve your KPIs but also reduce customer churn, encourage repeat customers, and increase sales.

Extend your brand across all channels

Reassure your customers with a consistent, professionally branded and customised video channel experience, across your website, mobile app, or in-branch kiosk.

Efficiency gains that provide tangible ROI

Visual troubleshooting and “see-what-I-see” services over video translate into higher first call resolution and reduced average handling time.

Add Video to Your Digital Communications

Use real-time secure video chat to boost customer engagement.

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