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Embrace Social Media Customer Service

Social Media Customer Service

Embrace Social Media Customer Service

Listen, respond, and engage

Social Customer Experience


Deliver great customer service and support on social media. Identify emerging issues that require immediate response, flag and resolve issues before they put your brand at risk.

Listen, engage, and be more social!

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Social Media Customer Service
Solutions for NEC
Seamless Customer Interactions

Incorporate social media comments seamlessly, manage them efficiently like any other customer interaction, fully tracked and recorded.

Protect Your Reputation

Automatically analyse and flag comments to help resolve customer complaints or emerging issues – before they become serious and public.

Personalise Customer Service

Personalise conversations with a 360° view of your customer, respond or proactively identify customer opportunities.

Really Hear Your Customers

Establish a ‘listening station’ and get a real-time snapshot of consumer opinions on your brand, products, and services.

Make It Easy to Manage

Streamline operations by automating and routing social media alerts with skills-based routing just like email, chat, or phone calls.

Integrated Microsoft Teams Contact Centre
Be More Social

Connect with customers online, ensure your best people are engaged in delivering the relevant, personalised responses.

Social media customer service
25-34-year olds are the heaviest users of social media

For example, 8% would choose social media for high emotion or highly complex interactions, such as incorrect orders or mortgage applications.

Did you know?

In our survey, men were happier to use social media than women to make contact with businesses.

Give customers what they want

Consumers have high expectations when it comes to speed of response on social media. We found 50% of consumers want a response in 30 minutes.

Listen, respond, and engage

Embrace great social media customer service

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