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Make a great first impression on your callers

Reception and Call Handling

Make a great first impression on your callers

Your reception or call handling centre is often the first point of contact within your organisation. This is why it’s critical that you make a positive and professional impression, even when managing high call volumes. Providing your team with the tools to identify, prioritise and route calls – first time, every time is vital.

We have more than 25 years of experience in developing the world’s most widely deployed attendant console solutions. As a result, we understand the importance of fast and accurate call handling in creating an exceptional first impression.

Our operator console solutions combine superior call handling features with rich directory and presence information. So your team can manage and dispatch interactions to the correct persons quickly and efficiently.

Our attendant console solutions are cost effective and scalable. Whether you expect your receptionist to provide a high-quality caller experience or require a complex multi-site, multi-tenant, multi-language call handling service. We’re here to help you deliver a VIP service for all your customers.

Directory Integration
Live Video Chat
Easy to use

Our solutions combine intuitive call handling interfaces with powerful unified communications capabilities to deliver improved productivity and a better caller experience.

Intelligent Call Queuing

Use powerful queuing engines to identify and route calls to the most appropriate resource. Innovative features and real-time status information are blended seamlessly to address your unique requirements.

Customer interaction solutions
Flexible Rules

Treat queues differently depending on applied business rules. For example, play different progress greetings, or route calls to a specific office or give them priority over less urgent calls.

Never Miss a Call

Operators can adjust the delivery and destination of calls as required with just one click, ensuring an even call flow.

Presence Enabled Directory

Powerful directory features provide access to comprehensive contact information. This ensures accurate, easy to manage contact data across the whole organisation.

Personalised Customer Service

Use caller ID and screen-pop directory information to greet the caller by name and quickly establish the likely reasons for the call.

Better Informed Choices

Use the history of incoming calls to make informed decisions about prioritising and selecting the best destination.

Support Multi-company Sites

Multi-site call control enables geographically dispersed operators to efficiently handle calls for multiple departments or multiple tenants. Additional users can be set up quickly when required.

Monitor Performance

Use real-time call and operator performance information to react quickly to changes in call volumes. Benefit from comprehensive reports that track the customer experience, helping to forecast demand and resource appropriately.

VIP Service

An introduction to our Operator Console for Cisco

Call handling and operator console solutions and expertise

From powering internal helpdesks, stand-alone customer service centres, or no-fuss sales departments. To boosting the call handling performance for small companies or supporting multi-site, multi-language interaction handling services for enterprises. We can help you provide callers with an exceptional first impression.

Stick with your preferred PBX and UC solutions

Our call handling, operator and reception software solutions are created for leading PBX, unified communications, and mixed-switch environments. Enghouse Interactive invests heavily in interoperability, training and alliances. As a result, we are trusted and highly accredited partners of long-standing of Microsoft, Cisco, NEC, Avaya, and more.

Call handling flexibility and choice

Our solutions are highly scalable, from one to thousands of consoles, support for multi-tenancy and enterprises with over 100,000 contacts. Our operator and reception consoles can be deployed in the cloud, on premise or in a hybrid environment.

Looking for faster call handling, reduced call abandonment and lower overall cost of service? Find out how we can help every customer, supplier and business associate receive consistently prompt and professional service.

Do more from your phone

The real benefit of unified communications networks is realised by implementing applications that integrate the business processes and the communications network.


Zone paging, emergency broadcasts and phone conferencing at the touch of a button.

Phone Lock

Secure phones to prevent misuse and fraud.

Group Manager

Enable assistants to manage calls based on availability

UC Provisioning

Simplify the process and speed up daily administration tasks.

Office Services

Extend functions for office administration.

Enghouse has 25 years of experience developing the world’s most widely deployed operator console solutions. We understand the crucial role receptionists and operators play in providing callers with an exceptional first impression of your business.

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