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Be proactive with your customers

Outbound Call Centre Solutions

Be proactive with your customers

Turn every customer conversation into a fruitful one


Make your outbound call centre a key driver for success. Nourish your customer relationships with timely, personalised and contextual proactive communication using telephone, email or SMS.

Contact your customers at the right time via the most effective or preferred channel. Using well-timed and targeted notifications can provide relevant information and ongoing support, often preventing problems and improving payment receipts.

The ability to set up and execute predictive dialling campaigns quickly and easily will increase agility and your competitive edge. Our automated dialling technology will enable you to develop fully compliant campaigns in hours rather than days.

Outbound Call Centre Solutions
Double Agent Productivity

Advanced predictive dialling algorithms could increase agent productivity by as much as 100%. Agents will spend less time dialling and more time speaking to your customers.

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Fast to Set Up, Change on The Fly

Campaigns are quick and easy to set up and don’t require any programming knowledge, with a large number of scenarios pre-defined out of the box and clear reporting.

Monitor and Guide in Real Time

View an agent’s status, the direction of their call, the status duration, even send them a message. You can even run live reports within the monitoring screen.

Optimise Appointment Schedules

Geodialling allows automated calling based on geographic location. Once an appointment has been confirmed, it will then contact the next closest address.

Make Better Use of Data

Seamless integration with contact databases and CRM systems, avoiding duplicate data storage and manual data synchronisation.

Be Compliant Everywhere

Variable limits provide compliance with all national and international regulatory rules. These can be set per campaign to allow for international campaigns.

Outbound Call Centre Software

Drive Efficiency Gains and Raise Agent Productivity

With a predictive dialler you can significantly reduce the time you waste on outbound campaigns. That’s because the software has the intelligence to predict how long your agents will spend on each call and precisely when they should make the next one. Spend less time dialling and more time, often up to 50 minutes an hour, speaking to your valuable customers.

Build Agent Morale and Motivation

An effective predictive dialling solution can play a big role in drive up agent engagement levels. Commission is a big part of many agents’ salaries, job satisfaction and likelihood of loyalty. A steady and predictable stream of live calls is vital in helping them to achieve excellent results. So, agents want diallers that are reliable, stable and enable them to interact positively with customers.

Stay Ahead of The Competition

Data is a highly valuable resource in perfecting the engagement process. The number of people that pick-up calls first time. How long it takes to have the next call lined up when one has been completed. Choose a system adept at helping cut waiting time between calls. Use it for better scheduling, working out the best times during the week and day to call specific customers.

“List penetration shot up from 50% to 80% and talk time per hour increased by a massive 200% when we installed the Enghouse Interactive Predictive Dialler.”
The Direct Travel Team

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