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Engage with your customers via their favourite apps

Messaging and SMS

Engage with your customers via their favourite apps

Consumers of all ages enjoy using SMS and messaging because they are easy and efficient.


Make it as convenient for your customers to interact with your company as they communicate with everyone else. Offer Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS and another leading messaging platforms as contact channels.

Enable your customers to interact with you using apps already installed on their smartphone.

Manage these seamlessly alongside other contact centre interactions to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Solutions for NEC
Seamless Customer Interaction

Messages are distributed using our powerful workflow engine. The agent experience remains the same, handling these interactions the same way as email, chat, or phone calls.

Build Your Business Intelligence

Analyse all SMS & Messaging interactions. Compare activity and performance across all agents and interaction channels in the contact centre. Study the ROI of each channel.

Extend Your Messaging Platform

Be available on your customers favourite channel. Select from Text/SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Skype for Business, Slack, GroupMe, Telegram, Kik, Microsoft Teams, and more.

Messaging and SMS
Lower cost per service interaction

Social messaging customer interactions can cost as little as 1/6 of a call interaction.

Be Available on Their Preferred Channel

Bring real-time written communication together in a standardised interface, enabling your contact centre to have a presence on all platforms.

Enhance Proactive SMS Self-Service Campaigns

Integrate with outbound messaging campaigns to provide a human reply point for SMS/mobile text responses.

Consumers of all ages enjoy using SMS and messaging because they are easy, efficient, and cheap. Find out how we can help you add these convenient interaction channels to your contact centre.

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Choose the capabilities that work best for your company – as you need them. Consider Automated Outbound Notifications to ensure that customers are efficiently informed and up to date on their interactions with your business.