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Stand out with superior email customer service

Email Management

Stand out with superior email customer service

Top email management solutions to enhance your customer experience

Top email management solutions


Many customers still prefer to communicate by email, especially for complex or high emotional queries. Email also offers the advantage of a clear audit trail, with time and date stamp evidence.

Give emails the attention they deserve with intelligent email queuing, predefined reply templates, skills-based routing and more.

Improve email accuracy and consistency to build valuable customer relationships that grow your business.

Top Email Management Solutions
Advanced Intelligent Routing

Use machine learning and text analytics to scan incoming emails to route them to the best available agent, based on experience, skills or other factors such as languages.

Automatic Best Answer

Use AI to scan emails and automatically suggests best answer templates. Speed up responses and let agents to focus their skills around empathy and personalization.

Personalise Branded Responses

Automatically add your branding to all outbound email messages along with both the customer’s details and agent’s name.

Sentiment Analysis

Use linguistics to understand customers better. An email that suggests anger can be prioritsed, while someone with a specialist question is automatically routed to an expert.

Comprehensive Interaction History

Provide your agents with the customer’s past service history, their other queries waiting to be processed and a summary of the customer’s specific needs and interests.

Customer interaction solutions
Flexible Collaboration

Agents have full ability to reply, forward or transfer customer’s messages. This makes it much easier to ask for more input from specialist colleagues within the company.

Email Management Solutions
Manage High Email Volume

Speed up response times by combining intelligent routing and automatic answer suggestion. Free up your agents to focus on answering customer queries, rather than admin.

Consistent and Personalised Answers

Deliver personalised & consistent answers by using a central knowledge base. This will ensure all your workforce are using up to date content with visibility of customer history.

Don’t Risk Neglecting Email for Customer Service

Email is still the second most used channel within UK contact centres. In fact, many consumers prefer email in cases of high emotion, urgency and complexity. It makes up more than 18% of interactions, with email volumes still predicted to grow.

Find out how you can deliver exceptional email customer service.

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