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Contact Centre for Enterprise

Our Contact Centre for Enterprise solutions are for organisations requiring advanced capabilities and customisation, which are highly available and can be used within distributed environments.

A data-driven, multi-channel routing engine delivers customer interactions to a unified queue so the agent has comprehensive access to the customer interaction lifecycle, across all communications and work tasks, increasing agent productivity and effectiveness as well as improving overall contact center performance.

With flexible deployment options and vendor platform independence it is a scalable, highly modular, multi-channel contact centre that costs a fraction of equivalent competitive solutions.

Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center: Enterprise 9.1 is now available. To find out more about this new release and view the key features please visit the release highlights page.

Release Highlights

360 degree view of the customer

Customers expect to speak to an agent who has the complete activity of their interaction with the organisation. You can dramatically maximise profit from customers as a result of knowing them and fulfilling their needs.

Ensuring you have a view of the whole engagement customer’s interaction history to provide a can increase ongoing sales from the existing customer base is one of the most important results.

Enterprise integrates seamlessly into your business environment and connects existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, and other back-office applications, with your contact center, giving agents a complete life-cycle view of the customer.

An archived record of all customer interactions and communications enables agents and supervisors to quickly view the entire history of an interaction based on date, time or any other business data available. Contact centre staff can listen to archived phone conversations, voice mail messages and review email and chat interactions and survey results all from a web-based application.

Providing agents with timely access to real-time and historical information equips them with context-sensitive knowledge and tools to efficiently resolve any inquiry resulting in greater customer satisfaction, experience and loyalty.


  • 360 degree view of the customer delivers first time resolution
  • Improve customer profitability and retention rates
  • Provide personalised service, no matter which contact channel a customer prefers
  • Improve productivity and efficiency through real-time and historical intelligence
  • Enterprise-class scalability ensures your solution can grow with our
  • Distributed, multi-node architecture provides resiliency and failover capability
  • Leverage existing infrastructure with complete PBX independence
    integrations to key enterprise applications
  • Task interactions enable process and workflow items to be tracked

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Learn how GE Capital are using the Enterprise solution to keep connected to their customers

It allows us to offer customers their preferred method of communications while
giving agents a comprehensive lifecycle-based view of all customer engagements, thereby helping us achieve consistent customer service and ultimately better interaction outcomes.

Towers Watson

Enghouse Interactive Contact Center: Enterprise

Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center: Enterprise is a state-of-the-art contact centre platform that integrates cross-channel interactions and customer data into a unified view of the customer enabling contact centres to deliver a proactive and responsive customer service experience.

With its distributed, highly scalable and resilient architecture, enterprises have the flexibility to deploy on premise,  in the cloud or hybrid model.

Enghouse Interactive understands that communications not only represent what’s happening at the present time, they also represent a customer’s interaction history to provide a course for future action. This technology gives a 360 degree view of all historical interactions so that agents get the information they need to provide the best customer experience possible

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Our Enterprise solution offers task creation, for performing internal contact centre work, such as applying escalation rules to back office staff. These types of task interactions can serve a complete process for contact centre enquiries from the contact centre to the rest of the business and the time spent performing these tasks can be tracked. Giving the front line agent up to date information on a customer enquiry to response customer frustration and keep them informed

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The delicate balance between maintaining a profitable contact centre while providing high levels of service is dependent upon well orchestrated processes and proven technology. The outbound applications can monitor agent availability and manage call pacing automatically as business activities shift either dynamically or based on your schedule.

Easy-to-use campaign management prioritises who to call, when to call, and the best agent for the call. while maintaining respect for security and compliance requirements.


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Contact Center: Enterprise allows you to smoothly integrate all the communication channels your customers expect into a unified queue
enabling agents to handle multiple interactions simultaneously. Tasks generated both by the contact centre and other business systems are queued and prioritised along with other interactions, enabling process and workflow items to be tracked, escalated, and reported.

This also means managers can create and apply routing strategies and business rules across the entire agent pool and all channels, instead of managing each one separately.

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Only 5% of dissatisfied customers complain to the company about their contact centre experience, while 60% leave and don’t return.

The survey capabilities in in Enterprise provide valuable insight into the customer’s perception and experience of your contact centre through comprehensive surveys across all communication channels.
Proactive notification and escalation features allow managers to take action in real-time, such as scheduling a callback when a poor survey result is received

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Make the right choice in your contact centre deployments to improve operational performance and maximise the return on investment. Our Enterprise solutions offers a variety of deployment options to address your unique requirements.

From Private Cloud an on-premise deployment with the flexibility to either centralise or distribute components across geographically distributed sites to an On Premise. With the deployment options for you as your business changes.

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Enterprise maintains a high level of availability ensuring seamless and uninterrupted service, with no loss of reporting or real-time capabilities in the event of a hardware failure or network outage.

In order to support high availability, the platform uses Multi-Node capabilities in conjunction with Media Server Fault Tolerance features.

Multiple levels of resiliency help to prevent a single point of failure and both hardware and network failure resiliencies are built in to handle outages.

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