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Guide your customers to online success

Co-browse and Screen Share

Guide your customers to online success

Co-browse and screen share to help your customers achieve their goals

Collaborate with your customers to improve your CX and increase conversions


Offer co-browse and screen share options to help your customers complete forms or tasks. Support your less tech-savvy customers and those with problems too difficult to explain in a chat or call.

Enable your agents to simply launch a page sharing session and securely help your customer to achieve their goals.

Co-browse and Screen Share
See What They See

Agents can highlight areas on screen, scroll up or down or direct them to another web page.

Assist in Real-Time

Enable your agents to fill out forms together with the customer, typing in data on their screen.

UC & Video Collaboration
Keep Customer Safe

For security, only your customer can submit the data, click a button or follow a link.

co-browse and screen share
Increase Online Conversions

Save those abandoned carts and help your customer complete their online transactions successfully.

Offer Peace of Mind

Use co-browse and screen share to reassure you customers, especially the least technical ones. Be ready and able to ready to assist them with their online challenges.

Collaborate More

Enhance your customer experience engagement tools such as screen sharing, web chat, and video chat.

Enable your agents to view the customer’s screen and then guide them to success.

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