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Drive loyalty, efficiency and greater revenues

Web Chat Software

Drive loyalty, efficiency and greater revenues

Web chat software to boost sales, reduce abandoned baskets, and increase order Value

Improve the overall customer experience online


Use web chat software to guide your customers to success. Offer real-time service and support throughout their journey, when and where they need it most.

Be proactive and connect at the best time and place to save abandoned baskets or even increase their value rate.

Web Chat Software
Engage your Customers Fully

Your agents can view a list of the customer’s current activity on your website. This enables them to respond even more relevantly.

Enghouse Interactive Communications Center
Guide Customers to Success

Agents can highlight areas on screen, scroll up or down the page, or even key data on the customer screen. For security, only the customer can submit the data, click a button or follow a link.

Fast, Consistent Customer Service

Build a library of clear, standardised canned messages for your agents to use. Value your customer’s time while offering a professional and courteous service.

Show Deeper Understanding

Give your agent access the customer’s prior activity on your website, before they clicked to chat. Historical page tracking will provide much better context to the enquiry.

Contact Centre Solutions
Speak Their Language

Chat messages can be translated automatically so that your advisors and customers can communicate in different languages.

Easy Escalation When Needed

Sometimes it is simply more effective to chat directly. Your agents can escalate seamlessly to a video or phone call directly from the active web chat window.

Web Chat Software
Boost Sales, Reduce Abandoned Baskets, Increase Order Value

Maximise revenue by reaching out to customers who may otherwise have abandoned their online shopping basket. Potentially upsell other relevant products and services during the chat conversation.

Offer A Safety Net for Your Customers

Avoid unnecessary calls if an online self-service attempt or transaction fails. Reach out in real-time to solve issues quickly if a visitor is paused on a web page too long.

Maximise Agent Productivity and Engagement

Agents can normally handle multiple chat sessions at the same time. Also, by combining canned answers and customer browsing history, agents can deliver more consistent, informed responses.

Chat is quickly becoming the channel of choice for customers. Does your chat solution meet their needs and expectations?

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