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Improve the customer experience

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Improve the customer experience

Value your customer’s time


Reduce wait times and increase first-contact resolution rates with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).

Queue-based routing will distribute calls according to skills, times or priorities. It also reacts automatically when KPIs are at risk, enabling automatic overflows and intelligent channel switches. For example, it will optimise routing by expanding the agent pool or offer callbacks to manage traffic peaks.

Intelligent Routing ensures all interactions are identified, prioritised, routed and transacted expertly, first time, every time.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Intelligent routing and tools

Simple GUI scripting tools enable advanced data-driven and skills-based routing plans. These can be changed at a moment’s notice from any location.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Route the call to the best qualified agent, eliminating unnecessary transfers and achieve superior first contact resolution.

Real-Time Speech Analytics
Optimise Performance

Calls and other interaction types are blended seamlessly, tracked and managed through one database and one set of reports.

Managing Remote Contact Centres

Extend your contact centre to roaming agents and home workers and retain all reporting and skills-based routing.

Reduce abandonment rates, queues and call times

Offer callbacks to take messages during peak times, eliminating wait time for callers. Their message will advance in the queue until an agent becomes available, as if the caller was still on the line.

Optimise performance and well being

Managers can consider configuring callbacks for distribution at a less busy period. This will reduce wait time for calls and take the stress off both your agents and service levels.

Allocate calls to agents based on predefined criteria, such as availability, priority and skill level. Distribute and prioritise calls based on your own specified business rules.

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Choose the capabilities that work best for your company – as you need them. Consider add CTI capabilities, such as screen pops. Industry studies show that screen pops can shave an average of 10 to 15 seconds off every call.