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Make every customer interaction count

Contact Centre Solutions

Make every customer interaction count

Contact centre solutions to deliver a first-class service

Customer service is central to the success of every organisation


Your contact centre is vital to delivering the experience that your customers demand. At the same time, every company is different, with its own objectives, business drivers.

From the latest communication channels and platforms to flexible deployment options, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Choosing the right contact centre technology, and the right supplier to partner with, is vital to your overall success. Equally important, choose a supplier that can support you over the long-term, as requirements evolve.

Whatever your specific challenges are, we can help deliver the best contact centre capabilities for you.

Contact Centre Solutions

Contact Centre Solutions

As a leading expert in customer communications, the contact centre is the very heart of Enghouse Interactive. Our multichannel contact centre solutions are designed to ensure successful and effortless customer interactions, whatever your size and budget.

Customers want every interaction to be effortless and fast. Arm your agents with the tools they need to delight your customers.

Inbound Call Centre

Nothing beats talking to skilled agent. Optimise your voice channel for exceptional customer experience.

Outbound Call Centre

Increase efficiency while complying with legal or regulatory requirements. Improve agent motivation.

Video Chat

Add a personal touch that strengthens relationships, builds trust and delivers better outcomes more quickly.

Email Management

Speed up responses, improve accuracy, personalise more – deliver exceptional email customer service.

Social Media

Embrace social media customer service, flag and resolve issues before they put your brand at risk.

Web Chat

Improve customer service for your website visitors and step in to
help them when they need it.

Co-browse and Screen Share

Guide your customers to success through enhanced, personalised real-time service and support.

Messaging and SMS

Make it convenient for your customers to interact with you through their favourite apps.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Ensure calls are identified, prioritised, routed and transacted expertly, first time, every time.

Reception & Call Handling

Combine superior call handling features with rich directory and real-time presence information.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown dramatically how requirements can literally alter overnight. Your contact centre solutions must enable you to respond quickly to change. It needs to support you, whatever the circumstances – not prevent from you achieving your customer service and business goals.

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Choose the capabilities that work best for your company – as you need them. Our capabilities are modular so you can add functionality such as Self-Service, Quality Control & Analytics, Enterprise Video Collaboration, and Integrations, as your requirements evolve.