ChatBots and AI in the Contact Centre Let the machines do the talking

ChatBots and AI in the Contact Centre

ChatBots are intelligent machines which can perform various automated tasks on behalf of contact centre agents. The digital age has given rise to a culture of customers who are used to interacting with machines and getting immediate gratification. ChatBots and AI are not just buzzwords, think of them as a tool for enabling self-service via digital communications channels. Making use of natural language and augmented intelligence to provide information not to just customers but agents as well. Let the Bots concentrate on the data driven tasks but ensure you have the ability to escalate to live agents with information as needed. Continuing to deliver a seamless customer experience from end to end for the customer.

Striking the balance between Machines and Humans

Every business is striding for utopia, the symbiotic relationship where automation can fulfil elementary self-service tasks while providing every human agent with the critical information they need to serve individual customers effectively, every time they need it. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to this. No established mathematical formula or perfect percentage. Every organisation has its own particular and unique needs. Enghouse Interactive has created pre-built Bots to assist you with your journey of automation and provides seamless escalation into the contact centre. Providing a connected experience for customers.

Enghouse Interactive Predefined Bots

Enghouse Interactive has built a library of predefined Bots, which can be customised for your business using sophisticated natural language processing systems such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Luis etc. Natural language tools allow you to understand your customer requirements and deliver a data driven intelligent response to your customer.

Our library of Bots will address common use cases that are supportable across industries. Our Bots can work stand alone together on a single platform and can be integrated into an Enghouse or pre-existing contact centre solution. Our Bots are split into four categorises:


A TaskBot will automate tasks on behalf of the customer. Such booking appointments, sending reminders, taking payments or completing renewals. All of these simple interactions could easily be automated and managed by a TaskBot.

Enghouse TaskBot platform comprises of a set of predefined workflows with integration points into your backend systems such as your notifications, CRM, appointment scheduler, knowledge management and contact centre and delivered through your channel of choice.

An InfoBot, helps provide information on common problems or questions , such as how to fix my TV model 8907.  The InfoBot reviews a customer enquiry, searches the Knowledge Base system with the appropriate keywords and delivers the answer directly to customer through chat with links to documentation, specific webpages or forms relating to enquiry.

Enghouse InfoBot platform, can work with either Enghouse’s Knowledge Management or 3rd party alternative recording the interaction into your contact centre analytics platform.

Bot are not just useful for customers, using a bot to assist your agents to help streamline work and decrease interaction time. Then Bot reviews the customer enquiry for example, “What’s the cancellation procedure for my policy”, from this the agent is prompted by the HelperBot with the appropriate solution. The answer could either be from a Knowledge Base or directing the agent to a procedure or agent script.

Enghouse HelperBot sits alongside the agent desktop and visually prompts agent with helpful information relating to the current enquiry and then the agent can send the appropriate answer to the customer on chat. This bring humans and machines together to improve first contact resolution.

We have been using Bots for many years through coaching and listening to ensure agents meet compliant regulations. The CoachBot analyses agent and customer speech to provide live feedback to agents, team leaders and quality assurance teams about what is being said and how it is being said. It monitors stress levels, speech clarity and script adherence, all whilst the call is in progress.

85% of of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent by 2020.


Building with AI engine and channel of choice

All businesses are different and a one-size solution does not fit all.  Our platforms enables you to build your own tailored experiences to address your business requirements. Giving you the tools to develop your own workflow, ChatBots and integrate those into your own individual backend systems while simplifying the integration to natural language platforms.

Enghouse Interactive allows you to select the appropriate natural language in line with your strategic goals such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Luis, Google AI.

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Contact Babel

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  • Customer opinion and use of AI-enabled self-service

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