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Driving profitability

Channel Partner Programme

Driving profitability

Enghouse Interactive offers channel-ready products and a real understanding of the challenges faced by the channel in developing compelling propositions. Our Partner Programme comprises a select group, all aligned to our strategic vision and roadmap with resources to support them.

We are looking to recruit partners that want to develop specialist expertise in our solutions. Partners committed to growing an ongoing and scalable business while investing in the development of their teams through training.

Our Channel Partner Programme is designed to enable our partners to break out of their product silos. To develop and deliver a breadth of solutions and become a single point of contact for their own customers.

Integrated Microsoft Teams Contact Centre
Drive Profitability

Joint business planning, determining training requirements and Enghouse Interactive resources to help achieve those goals.

Be Compelling

Investments in special joint marketing funds to support go-to-market campaigns and demand generation.

Maximise Your ROI

Professional services support and discounted training rates for accredited partners.

Already part of our Channel Partner Programme? Visit our Partner Portal.

Partners Welcome

We fully appreciate the importance of the role of partners in meeting customer needs in a challenging and dynamic market. We are committed to a customer-centric, channel-engaged model supplemented by expert sales resources to create demand and drive customer satisfaction.

Rewarding Experts

Our Channel Partner Programme provides the sales tools, marketing assistance, support and resources to enable consistent and sustainable growth.

Flexible Tiered Programme

Partners join the programme at a Tier Level that reflects their investment and business objectives. The Tier Level allows access to a wide selection of benefits that help drive accelerated solution sales and increase profitability.


Authorised Partners invest in training to enhance their Enghouse Interactive sales capabilities and may optionally provide technical and support services. Financial benefits, discretional marketing, and business development support are provided by Enghouse Interactive.


Silver Partners invest in a higher level of certification. They provide comprehensive offerings of Enghouse sales, implementation, and support services across more than one solution group. Silver Partners have demonstration facilities, trained implementation and support teams.


Gold Partners certify more individuals for each product sold and commit to a higher revenue achievement. In return, the associated financial, marketing, and technical solution benefits are higher than the Silver tier level.


Platinum Partners commit to the highest revenue achievement and provide specialist sales, implementation, and customer support offerings across multiple solution groups, often operating internationally.

The Benefits of Partner Certification

You’ve made an investment in an Enghouse Interactive solution. How do you ensure that you are making the most of that investment?

An Enghouse Interactive Certification tests and recognises your acquired knowledge through a Professional Certification Programme, and demonstrates a high level of commitment to the associated field of practice as well as providing a number of other benefits.

Increased margin

Accomplishing a level of certification for your staff fulfils the requirements of the Enghouse Interactive Partner Programme and entitles you to a greater margin on solution sales.

Set your business apart

High-quality training can help your business get a jump start on the competition by giving you the knowledge to succeed. You will occasionally be competing with other vendors selling an Enghouse Interactive solution. Certification could mean the difference in making the sale.


Certification will give your staff the credibility they need to speak with your customers with integrity, because they have a high level of knowledge and experience with the products.


Certification will enable your staff to work smarter and more productively as they sell, install and support Enghouse Interactive solutions more quickly and with a greater level of success.


When implementing any solution you’ve got to sell it internally before you can sell it externally. An Enghouse Interactive Certification can get your staff fired up about the new product and they can spread the word to the rest of your organisation.

Experience is Key

Certification is important. You need to have an in-depth knowledge of any product before you can sell, install and support it. Studies show that 70% of learning happens on the job and there is no substitute for hands-on learning. We suggest that you work closely with Enghouse Interactive on your first few projects after certification.

Our Channel Partner Programme invests in resellers who demonstrate a genuine ability to add value to their end customers.

Enghouse Interactive shares our focus on using innovative technology to enhance customer experience and improve the customer journey. We have complete trust in their technical teams and like their collaborative approach.

Richard Brown Managing Director, converse360

We are using the Enghouse Interactive applications to support our Workplace 3.0 proposition and help deliver enhanced productivity, efficiency and competitive edge. Working with Enghouse Interactive enables us to offer an enterprise level contact centre platform that sits across multiple technologies at a cost-effective price point.

Richard Pennington Chief Executive Officer, FourNet

We are focused on providing customers with hosted voice and enterprise capability around Microsoft Lync. The Enghouse Interactive contact centre offering is ideally suited to this market and now forms a key element of our offering. It works well with Lync and helps ensure that we are delivering a competitive offering to customers. We are seeing our business pipeline growing and expect the same from our relationship with Enghouse Interactive over time.

Lance GroganAlliance Director at Telefónica UK

Enghouse Interactive invests in interoperability with leading UC and PBX platforms and other vendors.