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Work Smarter, Not Harder…

Every customer interaction is a chance to grow your relationships, uncover new sales opportunities and build customer loyalty. Typically, the relationship with your customers involves a series of events over time.  So, why not get on the ‘front foot’ and be more proactive in how you engage with your customers.

Proactive outbound customer communication can potentially be a key driver of success for many businesses. Why not give the Enghouse Interactive Outbound Predictive Dialler, our innovative solution for outbound dialling and campaign management a try?  It’s free for 30 days.

Not ready for the 30 free trial?  Download our Guide to Predictive Dialling, where we provide you with 10 top tips on why an outbound predictive dialler, can accelerate your outbound customer  communications strategy.

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1 million
agent seats handling calls through our system
Ofcom compliant with variable limits
interactions through our systems daily
increase in talk time

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Advanced solution for outbound communication

Manual dialling, reaching engaged tones and answering machines, incorrect dialled numbers, waiting for customers to pick up – is an inefficient use of your agents’ time. The Enghouse Outbound Predictive Dialler is an outbound calling system that empowers agents through automated technology, which can quickly and easily detect busy signals, answer machines and disconnected numbers.

Built on the latest advanced German engineering, this easy-to-use tool combines market-leading predictive dialling capabilities with the latest generation of answer machine detection to help you:

  • Maximise agent productivity – automate dialling, boost agent talk time
  • Increase your profitability – set up new campaigns quickly and easily
  • Be 100% compliant – conform to all UK regulations, including Ofcom
  • Evaluate performance – by agent or across an entire campaign


Customers who are already benefiting from Enghouse Interactive solutions:

“We have built a longstanding, trusting relationship with Enghouse Interactive based not just on the quality of their technology but also of their service and support. The Outbound Dialler is an excellent match for our needs thanks to its combination of rich functionality, efficiency and flexibility, but we also knew we could rely on Enghouse to help maximise the benefits of the solution. Speed of implementation was especially key to us. Enghouse excelled here, enabling us to get up and running in days with a hosted solution, rather than weeks or months which might otherwise have been the case. It allowed us to develop the infrastructure we needed to ultimately move to an on-premises model.”

Andrew McCann, Head of Contact Centres at Payzone UK

“Talk time doubled from 20 minutes in every hour to 40 minutes per hour per agent.”

Jazz Singh, Managing Director, The Direct Travel Team

“For us, the central outbound dialler platform is clearly the way forward. It’s the flexibility and quality of technical and commercial processes and in addition, the direct cost savings, through the interface reducing the direct telephone connection to the E-Plus network and the short-term connection of new call centre services to complex campaigns.”

Christian Tromm of E-Plus.

Enghouse Interactive