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The New Hybrid Workplace

A chance to adapt and re-imagine technology

With great change comes great opportunity. This is your chance to adapt and re-imagine your business strategy and the role that technology will play in it. Rise to the challenges that lie ahead in 2021 and get your contact centre fit for purpose!

2021 will see the emergence of a new hybrid workplace. Enghouse can help you make the right choices for your individual business needs and provide you with the most suitable technology that supports meeting your employees’ new expectations on the way they work while responding to changes in customer preferences, attitudes or behaviours in a way that will ensure long-term customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

On Demand webinar “Agent wellbeing in the hybrid workplace”

A virtual roundtable on balancing employee needs and business objectives with Enghouse, Salesforce, Microsoft, WellKom, Ascensos and the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors.



Enable staff to work effectively regardless of location. Equip them with the tools and digital capabilities that boost their productivity and motivation and provide support from a mental health and wellbeing perspective.




Address your customers’ needs by focusing on care and connecting in a safe and effortless way. Listen to your customers, act proactively and be aware of rapidly shifting expectations.




Technology needs to support new communications and create seamless workflows that improve both individual and organisational performance. Cloud and collaboration technologies are vital in empowering your business to succeed in the ‘New Normal’.

Agent wellbeing in the hybrid working world

Agent wellbeing in the hybrid working world

Employees are a company’s greatest asset and the backbone of any successful organisation. Agent wellbeing should therefore always be a focus, but COVID and the switch to hybrid working has accelerated its importance.

This eBook highlights the direct correlation between high levels of mental and physical wellbeing and running a successful contact centre and guides you in applying the right mix of culture, processes and technology to put agent wellbeing centre stage.


A hybrid workplace can improve CX and drive growth

Technology plays a crucial role in creating a hybrid work environment that powers new workflows between people and places and enables seamless communication and collaboration so that virtual teams are motivated and engaged. Enghouse can help you retooling your workspaces for modern demands, building corporate speed and agility while optimising for long-term employee health, productivity and ultimately, a positive customer experience.



Our natively integrated Microsoft Teams contact centre solution allows your critical front-line staff to collaborate seamlessly with the rest of the organisation. Whether your an existing Skype for Business user, on another PBX or have recently migrated to Teams, Enghouse can help you leverage your investment in Microsoft technology.



Enghouse Cloud Contact, our easy to deploy, all-in-one cloud contact centre platform, gives you the flexibility to scale and burst capacity to manage spikes in contact volume. Our feature-rich solution comes along with an extensive set of reporting, call recording, agent evaluation tools, workforce management and advanced integration capabilities.



Enghouse Vidyo is a secure and highly scalable video platform. Available on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, Vidyo offers a user-friendly in-browser experience or can be embedded directly into your business flows, applications, or devices. Importantly, Vidyo can provide good quality video even on low-bandwidth connections such as 3G.


Case Study:
A Contact Centre Migration Journey

Landmark Information Group talk about their migration journey collaboration with Enghouse Interactive from Lync to Microsoft Teams.

The new contact centre solution from Enghouse gives us the ability to improve turnaround times for customer queries and interactions and reduce the cost of our customer engagement.

Brian GahanHead of IT, FLOGAS

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Weathering uncertainty is key for business continuity

Uncertainty is part of the ‘New Normal’. Ensuring flexibility, security and reliability will help you survive and thrive, providing business continuity even in turbulent times. Make 2021 yours and get ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Enghouse has the right technology and experience in supporting you create an agile and resilient organisations fit for the future.



The coronavirus crisis has spurred companies to deploy tools to ensure business continuity, but that need shouldn’t outweigh careful consideration of a vendor’s security portfolio. Consider how your data is stored, maintained and used. Enghouse leverages industry-standard technologies with the goal of securing your users’ communications and private information.



Leveraging existing tech stacks for speed and cost-effectiveness, build a digital workspace that can be scaled quickly across the organisation and accelerate the virtual assembly of remote employees. Opt for tools and processes that easily grow with you as your business expands and flexes with seasonality requirements.



Enghouse designs, delivers and supports robust, scalable technical solutions that optimise your business processes. We can help you apply new technologies such as AI to ensure that your contact centre is agile enough to provide exceptional customer experience, even while dealing with the heaviest of contact volumes.


contactbabel - The UK Contact Centre Decision-Maker's Guide 2020-21

Contact Babel
“The UK Contact Centre Decision-Maker’s Guide 2020-21”

What does the future hold for UK contact centres? Download the latest Contact Babel report to gain insights into major considerations that affect the contact centre industry, such as remote working, digital service, customer experience, AI, omnichannel, technology, salaries, attrition and strategy.

snakes and ladders

“Contact Centre Snakes & Ladders”

Take on your contact centre’s strategic journey, gaining competitive advantage guided by profitable, customer-centric business decisions, but risking setback when you fail to meet your customer’s needs through innovation and efficiency.

buyers guide

Buyer’s Guide
“How to Choose a Contact Centre Solution?”

This guide provides key considerations for choosing the right contact centre solution for your business and highlights some of the common issues that organisations face – and how businesses have solved them by working with Enghouse.

cost savings

“How to Save Costs in the Contact Centre whilst improving Customer Service?”

This guide provides organisations with ideas for how they can achieve the balance of reducing costs while boosting long-term customer satisfaction.

case study mayo council

Case Study
“Mayo County Council / Driving Innovation Through Change”

Mayo County Council’s agents are handling 30-40% more calls since implementing Enghouse Interactive Communications Center. Find out how the local authority has streamlined its service offerings and successfully drives public engagement and interaction.

case study - flogas

Case Study
“FLOGAS / Building a robust and efficient customer service operation with Microsoft Teams and Communications Center”

FLOGAS has managed to mobilise 130 contact centre agents within days without impacting customer experience. Find out how Enghouse solutions have enabled the Irish gas and electricity supplier to reduce the cost of our customer engagement while improving CX through the ability to handle higher call volumes.

hybrid workplace resource: 5 reasons eGuide

“Five reasons to integrate your contact centre with Microsoft Teams”

This guide highlights the top five reasons why companies should look to integrate their contact centre into Microsoft Teams, improving communication and collaboration across the organisation and helping agents provide better, more efficient customer service.

hybrid workplace resources: Contact Centre Solutions Brochure

“Enghouse Contact Centre Solutions – Your Way!”

The contact centre is the beating heart of a business and essential to a comprehensive CX strategy. Discover our range of solutions that will mould the right contact centre for your needs, helping your organisations to better connect resources, expertise and tools as well as achieving sustainable growth and increasing profitability.

hybrid workplace resources - The ROI of MS Teams

“The ROI of Microsoft Teams for your contact centre”

This eBook looks at how you can calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) that Microsoft Teams delivers in order to build a compelling business case for implementing it within customer service and integrating it with your contact centre solution.

eBook - Agent Wellbeing in the Hybrid Working World

“Agent wellbeing in the hybrid working world”

This eBook highlights the direct correlation between high levels of mental and physical wellbeing and running a successful contact centre and guides you in applying the right mix of culture, processes and technology to put agent wellbeing centre stage.

hybrid workplace resources - contactbabel research

ContactBabel eBook
“Supporting Contact Centre Remote Working with Team Collaboration Tools”

This eBook discusses the findings of a surveys with over 100 UK businesses, carried out in January 2021 by ContactBabel, investigating how and why UK businesses are using team collaboration tools, and looking at the effectiveness of their use in a customer-facing environment.

hybrid workplace resources - vidyo wp

Vidyo Whitepaper
“The Culture and Technology You Need for Hybrid Work”

This whitepaper assists you in building processes and practices that give employees greater choice in when and where they work, helping you to ease the personal and professional concerns of your employees while building a more agile workforce equipped for the future of work.


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