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The time to act is now

Local Government Customer Service Technology

The time to act is now

A Guide to Customer Service Technology for Local Authorities

Despite playing a crucial role in people’s lives, local authorities encounter various challenges that hinder their ability to deliver efficient customer service, often resulting in long wait times and disjointed customer experiences.

Budget constraints for one are a significant hurdle to councils’ ability to invest in the latest customer service technologies.

For local authorities, investment in digitisation to transform operations is imperative to increasing efficiency while catering to the unique needs of all their constituents, including vulnerable customers who require a more personalised approach to customer service.

Customer service transformation across local government

It is important to understand that spend on technology is an investment, not a cost. It delivers greater efficiency and better service while enabling organisations to meet regulatory requirements.

This guide outlines how technology investment across customer service can enable local authorities to achieve their objectives to lower costs, strengthen public trust and increase efficiency.

Includes case studies from Nottingham City Council and Mayo County Council.

Transforming Local Government Customer Service Technology for the Digital Age

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So, where to start?  This guide focusses on eight areas:

Omnichannel CX Platform

Why being able to handle all interactions through a single, unified platform is the foundation of customer service success.

Automation and AI

How automating processes within the contact centre represents local authorities with a win-win scenario, equally boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Contact Centre as a Service

Customer service technology needs to scale to meet changing demands, but also be cost-effective and straightforward to manage. Implementing CCaaS delivers this combination

Analytics and Reporting

Understanding performance is key to driving customer service improvements which seems crucial given that the public sector saw satisfaction levels fall in 2022.

Knowledge Management

Help your advisors and service personnel nowadays answer a wide range of partly complex queries across a range of services.

Quality management

The key to ensuring quality and compliance is to implement an effective quality management solution to record/ transcribe and then analyse all interactions.


From your CRM, payment systems, and case management to collaboration platforms, integration will enable your team to work seamlessly and deliver a better service.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Learn how IoT can enable local government to increase efficiency, improve service, reduce costs, drive innovation.

Make every Customer interaction count