The importance of knowledge in the contact centre

Knowledge Is Power Webinar

The importance of knowledge in the contact centre

For improving First Contact Resolution

Knowledge really is power

Webinar: 5th July 2022, starts 11am; Duration: 1 hour, including Q&A

Understanding your customers’ needs and preferences is crucial for providing them with the help and support needed to resolve their queries, quickly and effectively. While the idea of making knowledge accessible to agents as well as customers is neither new nor a guarantee for successfully improving FCR, intelligent technology is.

Join our webinar on Tuesday 5th July at 11am and discover how delivering the right knowledge at the right time can help you provide a faster, more accurate and efficient service that drives customer loyalty and revenue growth.

Steve Morrell, Contact Centre Industry Analyst at ContactBabel, will share the key findings of his latest Inner Circle Guide to First Contact Resolution, focussing particularly on the impact of knowledge on CX and performance.

Knowledge is power


Steve Morrell
Contact Centre Analyst

steve nattress enghouse

Steve Nattress
Product Director at Enghouse Interactive
Enghouse Interactive

Join this webinar to learn about the importance of knowledge in the contact centre, including:

  • Understanding your customers and why they contact you
  • Identifying the reasons for repeat contacts
  • Providing fast, consistent, and accurate answers to customers
  • Training and coaching agents in the hybrid work environment
  • Measuring the impact of knowledge on FCR

In addition, Steve Nattress, Product Director at Enghouse Interactive, will talk about how Enghouse solutions can help you identify and deliver the knowledge needed to effectively improve FCR rates as well as measure its impact on your business objectives.

Knowledge is power

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Knowledge is Power Webinar