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Delivering the right knowledge at the right time

How knowledge supports customer service

Delivering the right knowledge at the right time

Knowledge guide: how to support customer service excellence

Knowledge has never been more important in the contact centre. Or more difficult to manage effectively. For this reason, companies must ensure they have a knowledge management strategy in place.

At its heart, the concept of knowledge management is simple. It starts with collecting information from those that have it, such as subject matter experts, and then delivering it to wherever it is needed, in the right format to whoever needs it.

However, turning the concept into reality is more difficult. At the same time, the importance of knowledge in the contact centre is growing.

Customer queries are increasingly complex, while information itself is changing rapidly. This means keeping knowlege accurate and up-to-date.

This guide explains more about how an effective knowledge management strategy can support customer service excellence.

How Knowledge Supports Customer Service Excellence

As well as being tailored, knowledge needs to be available across all channels. This way it can help both deflect incoming interactions (through self-service, chatbots, and IVR) and give agents the answers they need to solve customer problems. Whatever the channel, format or level of detail, knowledge needs to be consistent. Above all, you really shouldn’t provide opposing answers across channels.

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Knowledge is vital to building stronger customer relationships

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