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Why You Should Care

Guide to Agent Engagement Empowerment

Why You Should Care

About Contact Centre Agent Engagement and Empowerment

Engagement is about giving agents the environment, culture, and systems to reach their potential. To encourage them to care about their customers and, ultimately, the goals of their organisation.

Empowerment implies trust in these agents. Significantly, this requires acceptance that some of the tight control of the traditional contact centres is over.

Particularly, empowerment requires a cultural shift, and providing agents with the skills, tools, and knowledge to do their best job. Moreover, engaged agents mean happier customers which should translate into success for the organisation.

Overall, empowering agents can improve first-contact resolution (FCR), which is the key factor driving customer experience and satisfaction. It also helps to keep agents engaged with their work and to feel proud of the job that they’re doing. Certainly, any investments or changes to processes to improve agent engagement and empowerment also have to work for the business.

Guide to Agent Engagement Empowerment

Download your copy: Guide to Agent Engagement Empowerment

We invite you to download the full Inner Circle Guide to Agent Engagement & Empowerment. Published by ContactBabel and sponsored by Enghouse Interactive, this guide looks at how engagement and empowerment can improve agent performance.

Written for organisations aiming to reduce attrition, improve first-contact resolution and boost their customer experience, this independent report covers:

  • Measuring engaged and empowered agents’ impact on performance
  • Techniques to improve agent engagement
  • Onboarding new agents and keeping experienced agents interested
  • Technology solutions – gamification, AI, unified desktop, and more
  • Engaging remote and hybrid agents

Building trust and loyalty in disruptive times. Enhance engagement and experience for your customers and contact centre agents alike with Enghouse Interactive.