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ContactBabel Guide to FCR

Guide to First-Contact Resolution

ContactBabel Guide to FCR

How to improve First-Contact Resolution in the contact centre

Achieving high First-Contact Resolution (FCR) rates helps both consumers and businesses. Eliminating the need for customers to make multiple contacts to resolve their issues is a clear signal that a business values their time. And done well it can turn around negative opinions and boost customer loyalty. Moreover, for businesses, it increases efficiency by reducing contact volumes.

This is particularly important at the moment as most sectors are experiencing higher call volumes post-pandemic. This is primarily driven by people’s greater need for confidence that their issues are being resolved. So getting it right first time delivers reassurance to consumers. It also reduces the number of calls
coming into the contact centre, freeing up agent time for other queries.

This new guide by ContactBabel covers all aspects of First-Contact Resolution – the ‘Miracle Metric, including:

  • The Importance of FCR to Senior Management
  • First-Contact Resolution Benchmarks
  • FCR vs Average Handle Time (and other metrics)
  • What is the best way to track and measure FCR?
  • How to develop a First-Contact Resolution Plan
  • FCR: Return on Investment

The Inner Circle Guide to First-Contact Resolution

Significantly, FCR has a positive effect on the agent’s morale and increases the chances of a successful cross-sell and up-sell. In turn this has a positive effect on staff attrition and absence rates.

No wonder that the first-contact resolution metric has grown hugely in importance. Unlike most other metrics, it works for both customer and business – a true ‘miracle metric’.

However, it can be difficult to measure. In fact, almost nothing about first-contact resolution is simple.  This guide looks at ways to measure and calculate FCR accurately and how to balance it against other business metrics. In addition, it contains many tips on ways to improve FCR that help both your business and customer.

First-Contact Resolution Guide

Download: The Inner Circle Guide to FCR

In addion, this guide also includes practical tips, including

  • How to Measure First-Contact Resolution
  • Calculating First-Contact Resolution
  • First-Contact Resolution and Digital Channels
  • Measuring Call Transfers
  • Identifying Reasons for Repeat Contacts
  • Reducing Unnecessary Repeat Contacts
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