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Now is the time to improve the agent experience in the contact centre

Expert Guide to Agent Experience

Now is the time to improve the agent experience in the contact centre

Why should you care about your company’s employee experience (EX)?

Extensive research highlights the benefits of EX include:

  • Better customer service as employees go the extra mile when dealing with interactions, leading to improved NPS and CES results.
  • Greater staff retention because highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their employer.
  • Lower absenteeism since engaged staff are more motivated to come into work.
  • Increased employee productivity and efficiency – over two-thirds (69%) of employees said they would work harder if they felt more appreciated at work.
  • Higher profitability, unsurprisingly, companies with the highest rates of employee engagement are 21% more profitable.
  • Greater empathy with colleagues and customer should result is greater customer loyalty. After all, emotional connections result in robust customer loyalty.
  • Easier recruitment – providing an engaging environment attracts talent, filling vacancies faster with better candidates.
  • Engaged employees provide a better, more empathetic customer experience. In short, happy employees are more likely to create happy customers.

Expert Guide to Agent Experience

This latest eBook from Enghouse Interactive eBook includes simple ideas you can put in place right away to reverse the bleak trends we’re seeing across organisations.

“Even if you do just one thing after reading this eBook, you will be doing more than most to make a positive impact on retention, talent, engagement and agent wellbeing”, Sandra Thompson, the first Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coach in the UK and founder of the Ei Evolution.

Improving the agent experience in the contact centre

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