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What do customers really want?

Exceeding Customer Expectations Report

What do customers really want?

ContactBabel 2023-24 Exceeding Customer Expectations Report (UK)

The “Exceeding Customer Expectations” guide offers valuable insights into the root causes of customer effort and frustration in the UK. Published by ContactBabel, it investigates the key frontline issues that significantly impact customer experience and provides advice on available solutions.

What do customers really want when contacting an organisation?

Drawing from surveys conducted with over 1,000 UK customers and hundreds of UK contact centres, the report provides actionable insights to senior contact centre and CX decision-makers.

What do customers actually get when contacting an organisation?

The general view across the customer survey is that consumers hit roadblocks often. Notably, 85% of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the queue time, highlighting a significant concern. Worsening queue times has been troubling trend in recent years, demanding urgent attention from the industry.

At first glance, it may seem that businesses should focus on short queue time and first-contact resolution. However, the importance of factors varies massively between age groups, and businesses cannot afford to ignore any of these factors.

For example, older customers are very focused on first-contact resolution. They do not want to call back and also want their issue handled by a single employee. They are also much less patient than younger customers and value a short queue time.

However, younger people value having polite and friendly agents even higher than a short queue time or first-contact resolution. This may be because they have the least experience of (or lack confidence in) dealing with call centres.

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Exceeding Customer Expectations Report

ContactBabel Exceeding UK Customer Expectations Report 2023-24

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Sponsored by Enghouse Interactive, this new ContactBabel report is full of useful UK CX statistics and graphs, including:

  • Historical first-call resolution rate in the UK
  • What queue time is too long, according to age groups
  • Historical average speed to answer and call abandonment rates
  • How many callers have tried to answer own queries through web self-service before calling
  • What proportion of calls received are complaints / target of complaints
  • Historical mean call duration (service & sales) in the UK
  • How options on the phone menu are too many (by age range)
  • A look at DTMF IVR total routing options, by contact centre size

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