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WEBINAR Call Centre Helper: The Robots are coming

11th February 2016


Call Centre Helper: Technology Round Table - The Robots are Coming

The rapid rise of automation makes a lot of customer service jobs vulnerable to replacement by robots. And the latest rush to web chat makes it much easier to replace humans. But robots are not good at empathy, broken processes and non-standard problems, the things that we deal with in contact centres every day.

In this round-table webinar, three technology specialists will be discuss their views on the future of automation.

And being an interactive webinar, you will also have the opportunity to share tips and ask questions of the audience and other attendees. We run an interactive chat room in parallel with the webinar.


Topics to be discussed

  • Automation
  • Use of robots on contact centres
  • Avatars
  • Speech recognition
  • Developments in IVR technology
  • Cost savings vs increased customer service
  • Web Chat vs Phone Calls
  • 24-hour cover
  • The hand-off from a robot to a contact centre agent
  • The future of contact centre work
  • Top tips from the audience

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