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Agent wellbeing in the hybrid workplace

Agent Wellbeing in The Hybrid Workplace

How can organisations balance employee needs and aspirations around how they want to work in the future with business objectives?

In this webinar, our experts panel review the social, physical, and psychological impact of the pandemic on frontline workers. They will offer also practical advice on how to prepare for a future in a hybrid work environment. Panellists include guests from Microsoft, Salesforce, WellKom, CIEHF, and Ascensos.

A virtual roundtable recorded on Thursday 25 March 2021. The recording of the webinar "Agent wellbeing in the hybrid workplace" is available on-demand here.

Topics include:

  • How front-line staff want to work in future and what they need to be productive
  • How to improve the wellbeing and performance of your workforce
  • How to leverage technology to build a thriving hybrid workplace
  • How employee wellbeing drives organisational success
  • How leading organisations are reimagining the future of work to increase their competitive advantage