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The Value of Customer Self-Service in the Digital Age

Customer Self-Service Guide

The Value of Customer Self-Service in the Digital Age

Guide to Digital Customer Self-Service

Customer Self-Service Guide

The growing need for digital customer Self-Service

Self-Service is not just what the savvy, self-sufficient customers of today’s increasingly digital, connected world have come to expect. It responds to customers’ needs to solve their queries quickly and conveniently 24 hours a day and via any device. Above all, Web Self-Service is also good for your business, improving the overall experience and boosting efficiency.

Our new guide ‘The Value of Customer Self-Service in the Digital Age‘ focusses on how to deliver business ROI from Digital Self-Service. Firstly, it covers the challenges of adoption and tips for a successful implementation. Secondly, this guide will help you to measure and improve the impact that Customer Self-Service can have on your business.

Download your copy of the guide for tips on digital customer Self-Service

  • Don’t treat Self-Service as solely a chance to cut costs. For example, re-invest any savings in upskilling agents, improving other channels and increasing available resources.
  • Similarly, put in place a continually updated knowledge base to power Self-Service. For instance, make it easy for customers to give feedback on missing answers and use this to identify and fill gaps.
  • Get the right mix of human agents and Self-Service and make it easy to escalate interactions. In addition, ensure that agents have the right skills to deal with more complex, involved queries.
  • Likewise, focus on the design of Self-Service, both on the web and IVR. Understand why and where people drop out of Self-Service to fix issues.

Self-service has never been more relevant to the customer experience.  Show your customers that you value their time and make self-service work for you.