How Edwardian Hotels delivers a truly exceptional personalised experience for their guests

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Edwardian Hotels London

Alice Chiplin
Group Service Operations Manager

Edwardian Hotels London

Michael Mrini
Director of Information Technology


Steve Morrell
Contact Centre Analyst & Managing Director

Enghouse Interactive

Jeremy Payne
VP International Marketing

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Edwardian Hotels is one of the leading luxury hotel and hospitality brands in the UK.  In this webinar they describe how they evolved their guest experiences to meet growing demand for more digital customer engagement.

Offering convenience and personalised service is indicative of this transformation. This is why the hotelier introduced ‘Edward’, their award-winning automated, text-based chatbot service.  Learn how ‘Edward’ engages with guests who prefer digital interactions in a fun and personalised way.

Also participating on this Customer Engagement webinar is Steve Morrell, contact centre industry expert and analyst at ContactBabel. Steve presents the findings of the latest “Inner Circle Guide to Customer Engagement & Personalisation”.

Together with Jeremy Payne, VP International Marketing at Enghouse Interactive, the panellists discuss the building blocks of effective personalisation and customer engagement. Additionally, the panel examines the importance and benefits to the customer experience. Finally, this webinar also cover practical tips and pitfalls to avoid when implementing a successful customer engagement strategy.

[Recorded Wednesday 30th June 2021]

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