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The Changing Landscape of Customer Communications

Customer Communication Survey

The Changing Landscape of Customer Communications

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Over the past two years, the mix of channels organisations use to interact with customers has transformed. Both businesses and consumers have had to innovate and adapt to the changes brought about by the pandemic. But how much of the innovation we have seen since the Spring of 2020 will be retained in the long term?

As businesses build for the post-pandemic age, they will need to decide what channel and service approaches work for them now and are here to stay. Not only that, organisations also need to understand exactly what consumers are looking for from customer service interactions.

So, what has worked and what hasn’t, and what do both businesses and consumers expect to see in the future?

Enghouse Interactive polled the opinions of more than 100 IT professionals either at C-Level, or managers, working for a range of organisations across the UK. Additionally, a separate survey was conducted of 100 UK consumers.

This report examines what these surveys tell us about the customer service landscape today. In addition, it assesses how communication channels are likely to develop in the future. We invite you to download your copy of the findings today.

Download: The Changing Landscape of Customer Communications Report

Customers want every interaction to be effortless and fast. Arm your agents with the customer service capabilities they need to deliver an exceptional experience.