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Contact Centre Guide for Top CX Leaders

UK Contact Centre Guide

Contact Centre Guide for Top CX Leaders

Useful data and tips: ContactBabel Decision-Maker's Contact Centre Guide

Contact Centre Guide for Top CX Leaders

Compare your contact centre performance

The 2022 UK Contact Centre Decision-Makers’ Guide analyses the result  of over 200 UK organisations and 1,000 UK consumers surveys. Created by independent analyst ContactBabel, this report is the largest and most comprehensive study of UK customer contact operations.

Above all, this guide looks at ways to improving contact centre quality, performance and strategic direction. For this reason, it contains useful contact centre performance benchmarks to help you with internal and customer experience metrics.

Furthermore, the findings are reported by vertical market and contact centre size. Therefore, you can use this report to compare your performance with organisations like yours.

Moreover, the report explores issues such as the reality of contact centre investment versus IT investment priorities. Likewise, it looks at how decision-makers view their agents’ performance and morale, and concerns about attrition, recruitment, and training.

How are contact centres coping during extremely challenging times? Most important, how do you compare?

Average inbound call cost

The average cost of an inbound call is £5.42 – 35% more than email and 78% more than web chat.

Cloud is growing

For instance, 71% of UK contact centres now use at least one cloud-based application.

Highest ever ASA

This time, the average speed to answer is 106 seconds – the highest ever recorded.

Artificial Intelligence

Markedly, 98% of businesses say that AI will become important to their contact centre.

Remote Contact Centres

Likewise, 99% of UK contact centres expect some of their agents to be working remotely this year.

Web Chat

Significantly, web chat usage has risen by 58% since 2019.

Download: Contact Centre Guide for Top CX Leaders

Above all, this guide covers many UK contact centre industry topics, including:

  • Call centre performance, digital channels, and multichannel workforce management
  • Quality call recording, agent interaction analytics
  • Queue management and call-backs
  • Virtual contact centres and remote working
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Cloud-based contact centre solutions
  • Outbound, call blending and proactive customer service
  • Customer experience measurement, looking closely at customer effort, engagement, and first-contact resolution
  • HR focus on contact centre attrition, absence, and recruitment
  • Finally, agent engagement, empowerment, and gamification

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