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Arc Pro

Arc Pro Technical Info

Arc Pro

Please find below Arc Pro technical information – Console for Cisco. It shows the release lifecycle matrix and the current level of support available for each release version. This matrix is updated at every major release to provide advance notice of any changes in version support.

Compatibility Matrix

A matrix showing Cisco Unified Communications Manager release versions and service releases, and the compatible versions of Arc Pro and Call Centre components. If your version of CUCM is not listed, please contact us – it’s likely that interoperability testing with Cisco is planned or underway.

Updated 07/2020

Upgrade Policy

Arc Pro Attendant Console & Call Centre software.

Updated 04/2019

End of Life Policy

Describes the process by which Enghouse Interactive announces the end of sale, the end of support and ultimately the End Of Life (EOL) of a product set.

Updated 07/2020

Release Notes

Version 6.3.2

Updated 07/2020

Design Guide

This document should be used in conjunction with the Arc Pro Installation Guide to assist you in the successful planning and implementation of an Arc Pro system.

Updated 07/2020

Compatibility and Performance

This document describes the hardware, operating system, client, virtualisation software environment requirements, UC system compatibility and guidelines for use of third party components as well as performance statistics and system sizing guidelines.

Updated 07/2020

We have more than 20 years’ experience in selling voice applications for Cisco Unified Communications Manager platforms. As a Preferred Solution Developer, we work closely with Cisco to develop solutions proven to help reduce call answer times.