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Driving Profitability and Customer Value

Cloud-Based Contact Centre Guide Series - Part 3

Driving Profitability and Customer Value

Is your cloud contact centre achieving its full potential?

Part 3 of our Cloud Contact Centre Guide series explores the following:

  • Why your contact centre needs to become more flexible
  • The formula for success to increase customer value
  • Seven cloud contact centre advantages that add significant value
  • Satisfied customers = high customer value
  • Checklist:  Is your contact centre achieving its full potential?

A cloud contact centre delivers the flexibility that is vital to modern customer service. A cloud contact centre delivers key advantages:

Easy to upgrade and expand

If you grow and need new functionality, it’s easy to add new features, such as automation tools to support your agents, call reporting to monitor service quality or business intelligence/AI solutions that help you learn more about customer needs.

Work from anywhere

Today, businesses are adopting hybrid ways of working, with employees both based at home, and physically in the contact centre. Thanks to the cloud, your agents can work where they want, when they want, with access to exactly the same systems irrespective of location. All your employees need is a PC, headset, and an internet connection. You have complete business continuity – whatever happens, your contact centre operations can continue without interruption.

Easily scales up and down

Need to add more capacity and agents to meet seasonal peaks in customer demand? Simply scale up your cloud contact centre at the touch of a button – and it’s just as easy to scale down when there is a lull in activities. You only ever pay for what you use, increasing

Low capital commitment

Instead of large initial investments in software and infrastructure, you just pay a straight forward monthly fee, based on your usage. You have full cost certainty and transparency.

Privacy and network security

Ensuring data and IT security as well as GDPR compliance is becoming more and more complex. With a cloud solution this is all handled for you. You benefit from your provider’s experience and expertise at meeting the highest security and privacy standards, including GDPR, SOC2 and PCI compliance.

Daily reporting

See exactly what is happening through daily reports that capture all calls, interactions, and resources used. Control your costs and spot areas for greater efficiency through data analysis.

Integrate with your unified communications platform

Improve collaboration with the rest of your business by integrating your cloud contact centre with unified communications platforms, such as Microsoft Teams. This boosts efficiency and delivers added value for customers – for example, contact centre agents can bring experts into a conversation to answer specific queries.

Download Part 3 of the series

Cloud-Based Contact Centre Guide

cloud-Based Contact Centre Guide
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Moving customer experience centre stage
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Is your cloud contact centre achieving its full potential?