Yellow Cab Cooperative

Solutions used

  • Call Recording
  • Quality Management Suite

Superior Customer Service with Call Recording

Yellow Cab Cooperative is the largest taxi cab company in San Francisco, fulfilling 200,000 orders per month. With an impressive average response time of 6.5 minutes, Yellow Cab is continually working to improve its customer service delivery and customer experience.

Following a move from analogue to IP, Yellow Cabs needed a system that reliably records calls, and efficiently archives and retrieves recordings. Enghouse Interactive Call Recording was the ideal solution.


“One of the great benefits of Yellow Cab is that we try to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We are consistently bringing in new technology and beta testing it to see how we can enhance our operations,” said Tomas Smith, IT and Communications Manager for Yellow Cab Cooperative. One of the technology enhancements that Yellow Cab implemented was a move from an analogue to IP telephony system. The company selected a 3Com system, a simple and economical IP telephone solution designed for small and medium-sized businesses.


The existing call recording software was not able to record calls on an IP telephone system, so Yellow Cab turned to a third-party IT consultant and telephony reseller, Teledynamic Communications, for assistance. Taking Yellow Cab’s business needs into consideration, Enghouse Interactive Call Recording (formerly CallRex) software was selected.

“Our call recording needs were simple. I needed a system that reliably records calls, efficiently archives recordings, and makes it easy to retrieve recordings when necessary. Call Recording was the ideal solution for Yellow Cab,” said Smith.

Call Recording features an intuitive user interface that enables administrators and managers to quickly set-up user profiles and begin recording conversations. Recording files have a small footprint – taking up 97.5 KB per minute or 171 hours per gigabyte of hard drive space.

Authorised users can easily search and retrieve calls based upon a variety of parameters, including: time/date, caller ID name, caller ID number, outbound number dialled, flag names, Dialled Number Identification Service (DNIS), and agent name. To save time, searches can be saved so that managers and supervisors can efficiently access calls related to specific campaigns or agents.

Call recordings can be exported from the Quality Management client as .WAV files, so that they can be attached to e-mail or related CRM records. The exported calls can be replayed using any standard desktop media player.

“With the [Quality Management] client, it is simple to monitor the system in real-time and ensure that everything is working properly,” stated Smith. “I can monitor calls with the click of a button, making it very easy to identify issues that agents are having or gaps in our customer service delivery.”


Like many companies, customer service is paramount to the success of Yellow Cab. The contact centre answers approximately 300,000 calls per month and is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The calls are relatively short, but the information collected is extremely important to the business – from pick-up times, to addresses and customer information. In order to meet service levels and maximise efficiency for the computer-dispatched cabs, the contact centre agents must input data accurately. In cases where there are disputes, call recordings are used to verify information and assure that the Yellow Cab team is delivering the best customer service possible.

For Yellow Cab of San Francisco, call recordings serve a variety of purposes. The information collected by the Yellow Cab contact centre team is not only key to customer service, but vital to the safety and security of the cab drivers and their customers. “We deal with a broad slice of the population,” said Smith. “For example, there have been instances where elderly dementia patients have called for a cab because they simply want to go elsewhere. Using the call recordings, we have been able to assist the police with identifying the missing patients and determine their destination.”

Smith continued: “In another instance, we were recently called by a burglar from the business that they were stealing from for a pick-up. He wanted a ride with all of his ‘loot.’ With the call recording and related call information collected, we were able to help the police identify and locate the burglar.”

Using the information collected in the short, yet important, calls taken in the contact centre, Yellow Cab Cooperative can continue to deliver a superior customer experience, while also delivering value to the cab drivers and the community that it serves.