Enable CTI Capabilities for Multi-channel Contact Centre

MyCom AG, a German company specialising in call centre solutions, needed to reduce development time and rapidly deploy their contact centre software in a wide range of customer environments.

The organisation uses CTI Connect which significantly reduces the time, cost and complexity of adding CTI capabilities to the MyCom AG Communications Centre.


MyCom AG, a German company specialising in call centre solutions, developed the MYKENE Communications Center System, innovative software for better managing customer information and multichannel communications. MYKENE is a highly flexible solution which MyCom then integrates with a client’s existing infrastructure and tailors to their service processes.

Computer telephony integration (CTI) is an extremely important element of the MyCom solution. It unites telephony and data systems to enable agent screen-pop, sophisticated call routing and predictive dialling capabilities. Traditionally, integrating with a PBX is a tedious, time consuming project. It can take 3-4 months to develop an API for a single switch model. Rather than spend precious engineering resources on basic integration issues, MyCom sought a solution that would reduce development time and enable them to rapidly deploy MYKENE in a wide range of customer environments.


Rather than develop an API for every PBX model, MyCom chose to standardise on Enghouse Interactive CTI Connect to enable CTI capabilities for the MYKENE Communications Center System. CTI Connect is standards-based CTI software that provides out-of-the-box integration with over 20 leading PBX, IP-PBX, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and IP communication environments. This allowed MyCom to leverage a single integration with CTI Connect to make MYKENE compatible with all of the PBXs/ACDs that it supports.

“CTI Connect is the most reliable CTI software solution on the market today. If our engineers did the integration work themselves, it would take 3-4 months for each particular PBX model. CTI Connect significantly shortens deployment time and generates rapid ROI for our clients.” Karsten Reimann, Chairman of MyCom AG


CTI Connect significantly reduced the time, cost and complexity of adding CTI capabilities to MyCom’s MYKENE Communications Center System. By eliminating the need to write individual integrations for each PBX model, MyCom saved an average of $60,000 to $80,000 per switch in development costs. Their one time integration to CTI Connect enables MYKENE to easily function in a wide range of customer environments and frees MyCom’s engineering team to concentrate on product enhancements.

By adding CTI, MyCom was able to enhance MYKENE and provide a more comprehensive contact centre solution with additional capabilities:

  • Agent Screen-Pop – Using Automatic Number Identification (ANI) from the PBX, this solution can take the phone number from which the customer called and match it with the customer’s record in MYKENE. This information is then sent to the agent’s desktop along with the call. Pre-identifying customers shaves an average of 15-20 seconds off each call and enables the agent to engage in a more personalised and meaningful conversation from the start.
  • Sophisticated Call Routing – By combining PBX data and business rules, organisations can deploy call routing schemes that maximise agent availability and ensure callers are connected to the best agent, the first time.
  • Predictive Dialling – To increase the efficiency of outbound campaigns, this solution automatically dials a database of customers and transfers the call to an agent when answered.

MyCom’s MYKENE has quickly become the solution of choice for businesses that depend on efficient service and for call centres that want to provide great service. For example, DV-Com, a rapidly growing premium provider of customer care services, worked with MyCom to maximise the productivity of their two call centres. Their agent screen pop solution significantly cut call time and the predictive dialer increased the efficiency of outbound calling programmes by 40%.

MyCom also helped Getaline, an outsourcing solution for companies looking to improve customer communications, deploy inbound and outbound solutions that streamlined call handling operations and increased agent efficiency. Using an agent screen-pop solution to automatically identify customers as they called in, Getaline was able to reduce average call time by 15-20% and realise significant cost savings.