Solutions used

  • Enghouse Communications Centre
  • Quality Management Suite

Simple, Scalable and Integrated Contact Centre

King Country Energy (KCE) is the leading electricity retailer and generator in the King Country region, with more than 50 years in the business of generating electricity from hydro power stations in that area. KCE retails electricity to more than 17,500 customers in homes, farms and businesses all over the King Country. Mostly owned by locals and with local staff, KCE is passionate about its King Country roots and the people it serves. Along with a commitment to renewable energy, KCE actively supports King Country communities.


As a relatively small electricity retailer and generator, KCE has built a strong point of difference in the superb quality of its customer service. When people call the 0800 service line, they wait no longer than 20 seconds and the agent who answers deals directly with their request.
In September 2016, with its telephony system and support contract up for renewal, KCE consulted with its communications technology provider, Cogent, and decided the time was right to upgrade. Both the software and the hardware were outdated and KCE was missing out on the significant benefits of the latest available functions including:

  • Enhanced in-depth call recording functionality
  • Wrap-up code reporting analytics and actionable intelligence to drive ongoing improvement
  • User friendly interface with no re-education required

KCE was keen to leverage these benefits to maximise its customer service offering, training, management and planning.

Contract Complexities

KCE had been accustomed to being serviced and billed by three separate companies – including Cogent – for the relevant servicing on hardware, software and wiring and also the cabling side of the system. This was often confusing and not as efficient and cost-effective an arrangement as KCE would like.


Cogent would lead the design, management and implementation of KCE’s upgrade, involving moving to the latest PBX firmware and Enghouse Interactive’s latest Communications Centre software, installation of new IP phones, and lastly building of and migration to the new Quality Management Suite server from the legacy recording server.

Simple and Cost-Effective Contract

Cogent also rolled all three separate company contracts into one single service-based contract with Cogent as the sole point of contact – a much more efficient and cost-effective solution for KCE.


The new system went live on the evening of the 11th day, and was signed off by KCE within seven days.

“We were extremely pleased with Cogent’s and Enghouse Interactive’s implementation programme. They kept us up-to-date at every single step of the process and we felt very comfortable about how the project flowed,” Sande Jansen KCE Business Support & Compliance Manager.

“The technical support we’ve had has been absolutely brilliant, particularly the onsite technician who was incredibly responsive and helpful and fitted in easily.

“Overall, Cogent’s and Enghouse Interactive’s implementation has given us real confidence that in having them on board, we’re not going to have failures.” Cogent has greatly simplified KCE’s contract, systems and, with partner Enghouse Interactive, has given them a technological edge.