Green Mountain Energy

Solutions used

  • Enghouse Comms Portal

Improved Service through Automation

Green Mountain Energy prides itself on delivering outstanding service to all of its customers but its existing IVR system was causing customer frustration and a heavy burden on its contact centre. After evaluating the market, the company chose Enghouse Interactive’s IVR solution which has streamlined its automated bill payment service.

The new IVR now handles twice as many payments as the old system and has enabled agents to focus on high value interactions. The ROI was less than nine months!


Green Mountain Energy participates in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) “Climate Leaders Program,” – a voluntary industry-government partnership that encourages companies to develop long term comprehensive climate change strategies and greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.

The company prides itself on delivering outstanding service to all of its customers; however, its legacy IVR system was difficult to use and drove callers to request agent assistance, even for routine transactions. Green Mountain soon discovered that the application’s voice user interface was the problem. It required customers to enter too many data points to look up their account information, and, more often than not, the speech recognition software was not able to understand what the callers were saying. As a result, customers were forced to request agent assistance. This not only frustrated callers, but also placed a heavy burden on Green Mountain’s contact centre. Heidi Schrab, Director of Operations for Green Mountain, contacted the company’s existing IVR vendor and requested changes to the application. Given its proprietary framework and lack of rapid development capabilities, she learned that it would be an expensive and cumbersome undertaking. After evaluating several vendors, Green Mountain chose to work with Enghouse Interactive for the software, services and solutions needed to revamp its customer service infrastructure. The new IVR system was built on the Enghouse Interactive Communications Portal (EICP).

“After reviewing available voice technologies, we knew that we wanted an open, standards-based solution to give us greater flexibility in the future” explains Heidi.


Green Mountain worked with the Enghouse Interactive Professional Services Group to streamline the voice user interface for its Bill Pay application and to make it easier to use. The new IVR solution uses call data, specifically automatic number identification, to pre-identify callers by looking for a phone number match in the customer database.


The net result of the project is a Bill Pay IVR solution that completes twice as many payment transactions as the old system. The solution now handles about 150,000 IVR minutes per month, improving service and enabling Green Mountain to collect payments faster. Because the new solution off-loaded calls from agents, Green Mountain’s contact centre operates more productively with shorter wait times and better utilisation of agents’ skills. The payback period on the Syntellect solution was less than nine months.