George Banco

Solutions used

  • Enghouse Interactive Communications Center with quality management suite

How the Enghouse Interactive Communications Center Solution Helps George Banco Meet its Goals

Based on a family farm in Beckington, near Bath in Somerset and founded in 2013, George Banco is a specialised UK lender, focussed on personal loans secured by a borrower’s personal guarantor. The company provides UK consumers, who are excluded from mainstream finance, with personal unsecured loans of £500 to £7,500 repayable in fixed monthly instalments over terms of 12 to 60 months.


When the business launched, it began by working with a primitive phone system, which used a PBX switch and basic handsets on the desks of customer service representatives. However as George Banco grew, it took on new avenues of traffic and the customer service and collections department expanded in line with this. All of this meant that the need for a more sophisticated contact centre and call management solution to handle the growth in call volumes became ever more acute over time.

According to George Thomas, director, George Banco, “we quickly developed a dedicated, hardworking contact centre team to go out into the market and sell our products. The issue we had was that we had no real visibility of, or control over, the process. We did not know, for example, how many inbound or outbound calls we were getting, how long each agent was on the phone on a given call, or what marketing channel was proving most successful. Equally we had no real reporting capability in place.”


In order to address the issue and meet the challenge, George Banco turned to trusted IT partner, Unify Communications and the two companies worked closely together to plan and then implement a solution. On Unify’s recommendation, George Banco chose to put the Enghouse Interactive Communications Center (EICC) solution including a quality monitoring solution with integrated voice recording capability, at the heart of its new IT and telephony infrastructure. George Banco was impressed with the flexibility of the system, the ability to make changes to it quickly and easily and its capability to enhance the level of control and structured management it could achieve over the whole contact centre environment.

George Banco also liked the flexible pricing plan on offer. Being able to invest in the system as part of quarterly subscription-based plan provided it with additional flexibility, and in a sector where cash is king and margins often tight, that is an important benefit.


The system is already delivering multiple business benefits. George Banco is a busy fast growing business and the ability of the EICC system to handle calls efficiently and effectively will be key in supporting that growth over time. Currently, around 600 people file loan applications through George Banco. The guarantors of these individuals then file their details. The company’s underwriters and collectors and other departments make around 1,500 calls a day and the business also has to deal with a myriad inbound calls. In such a busy environment, it is important that George Banco is able to deliver service efficiently but also in a way that enhances the customer experience. Using EICC has helped them to do this.

As Thomas explains: “using EICC, as soon as a call comes in, agents know who is calling through the call ID which immediately links to the customer database. As a result, they instantly have in front of them a full history of all other interactions that have taken place. It helps the team quickly get to the point of the call, understand which call channel the customer has come in from, which call script to use and which call teams that individual may subsequently need to be routed to. If a customer has already spoken to a specific representative, the call will automatically route to the previous individual to add consistency and the personalised approach. The system also links the physical phones that sit on the agents’ desks right through to their computer desktops so that they can drag and drop mobile phone numbers into their desktop platform as and when required in order to get the call going. All of that is hugely beneficial both in terms of the overall customer experience and staff morale.”

There are also significant benefits in terms of enhanced managerial control. According to Thomas. “One of the biggest advantages is the dashboard. We can see how many calls are coming in at any given time, get alerts when certain call waiting times are too high or when call durations are becoming too long, allowing us to intervene either in real time or later, to cut costs, drive efficiencies and ensure we are focused on the right areas of the business.”