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  • Call Recording

How Call Recording Helped CCS Media Turn the Spotlight on Quality

CCS Media is a leading IT and office supplies reseller. It works with many of the world’s top brands to provide everyday IT, print and office supplies and deliver IT projects to over 4,000 customers across the UK. The company operates across 16 UK sites, including its headquarters in Chesterfield, each of which has its own dedicated sales team.

Driven by the efforts of these teams, CCS Media had recorded sustained growth over many years. With market pressures increasing, however, it began exploring ways to ensure this dynamic growth could be sustained long-term. The objective was to strengthen the already high performance levels achieved by its existing sales teams, while ensuring it was getting the most out of new employees.

To do this, the company decided to implement a call recording solution, capable of monitoring calls made by 200 account managers across all 16 sites and evaluating their performance. A decision was taken to carry out this process alongside a complementary training programme run by CCS Media partner, Silent Edge. The approach would include an analysis of how account managers structured their day, and scoring their call performance.. Individual training programmes would then be tailored to meet the specific requirements of individual team members that had been identified in the review process.