Solutions used

  • Contact Center Enterprise

Integrated, High Availability Contact Center Solution

To achieve its goal for helping members achieve financial success, Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union (ABECU) deployed Enghouse Interactive Contact Center: Enterprise to manage all caller interactions and integrated it with its existing systems. The resulting solution was perfect for ABECU’s plans for expansion and complexity, as it provides an open framework for integration across multiple platforms and a modular design – ideal for scalability and adding new capabilities.


Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union is a full service financial institution currently ranked as a ’Top 150‘ credit union in the U.S., with 27 branches serving nearly 90,000 members. ABECU needed better options for member communications using state-of-the-art technology. The company also wanted to work with a vendor that was dedicated to maintaining a software-centric architecture using open, industry standard software and hardware.

“We needed a solution that was open, customisable and had a robust feature set, so ABECU could start with a simple deployment and still have room for future growth and functionality,” said Calvin Curdt, Vice President of Information Systems. “The solution also needed to provide the same Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) capability that we were using with our existing solution.”


ABECU chose Enghouse Interactive Contact Center: Enterprise (formally Syntellect CIM) to manage all member voice interactions and integrated it with the SVP component for a unified foundation for voice interactions and management of VoiceXML and Java gateways. Contact Center: Enterprise provides an open framework ideal for scalability and has the capability to add new features and functions to the software. The solution’s modular design allows for easy addition of ports and configuration at multiple branches of the credit union.

Curdt explained, “The Contact Center: Enterprise solution is open and not tied to proprietary hardware like so many other systems. The platform can run on multiple Windows servers, so we created a high availability option with off-the-shelf components and hardware.”


After the implementation of the Enghouse Interactive solution, ABECU has a solid IT environment and a platform to manage member interactions that can support both inbound and outbound telephone interactions for touch-tone, voice and fax.

“We have a very stable environment where downtime is no longer attributed to the IVR,” stated Curdt. “ABECU has also gained flexibility by using the Billboard feature and the system’s integration with our core Summit solution.”

The Billboard feature allows ABECU to record customisable messages in the menu tree, comparable to music on hold. A disaster recovery plan was also put into place to restore ABECU’s critical operations after a natural or human-induced disaster.

“Enghouse Interactive provided ABECU with an option to quickly restore vital data at a back-up site in the event of a disaster, with minimal investment in servers and specialized hardware,” added Curdt. “We plan to enhance the Contact Center: Enterprise system to include advanced, one-on-one marketing efforts from our core environment to members calling us. In the future, we will most likely add the Advanced Speech Recognition feature to our solution. ABECU has been extremely pleased with Enghouse Interactive.”