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Deliver Better Customer Service

Call Centre Solution

Deliver Better Customer Service

First-class contact centre software

Contact Centre solutions to empower your workforce and delight your customers


Your call centre is vital to delivering the experience that your customers demand. Empower your agents with the customer contact platform they need to deliver an exceptional experience. We can help you increased efficiency to drive real performance gains.

Call Centre Solution
Omnichannel Solution

Omnichannel queuing and skills-based routing ensure all interactions are identified, prioritised, and transacted expertly, first time, every time.

Call Centre Solution
Faster First Contact Resolution

Equip agents with access to real-time and historical information, context-sensitive knowledge and the tools to resolve enquiries quickly and efficiently.

Call Centre Solution
Skyrocket Agent Productivity

Enable agents to handle multiple interactions at once. Seamlessly escalate across contact channels for greater resolution or deal closing.

Customer Interaction Solutions


For over 25 years, we’ve helped our customers deliver a positive customer experience and maintain a competitive edge.

Customer Interaction Solutions

In 120+

Benefit from the strength and stability of a global organisation as well as a local approach and skilled, dedicated team.

Customer Interaction Solutions

1 Billion
Daily Interactions

We understand your customers and their expectations of channel choice and high-quality, efficient service.

“One platform…. One customer view”

The end to end experience has been excellent, a strong procurement submission which continued through the design and implementation phase. LHP has seen significant benefits across all customer contact channels with improvements to PCA top quartile performance, reduction in average handling times, and our in-hours e-mail and social media response times are now in real time.

The implementation of the multi-channel platform has been central to our digital strategy and has given our customers greater freedom and choice with their contact preferences.”

Customers want every interaction to be effortless and fast. Give them a seamless omnichannel experience.

Inbound Call Centre

Nothing beats talking to skilled agent. Optimise your voice channel for exceptional customer experience.

Outbound Call Centre

Increase efficiency while complying with legal or regulatory requirements. Improve agent motivation with predictive dialling.

Video Chat

Add a personal touch that strengthens relationships, builds trust and delivers better outcomes more quickly.

Email Management

Speed up responses, improve accuracy, personalise more – deliver exceptional email customer service.

Social Media

Embrace social media customer service, flag and resolve issues before they put your brand at risk.

Web Chat

Improve customer service for your website visitors and step in to
help them when they need it.

Co-browse and Screen Share

Guide your customers to success through enhanced, personalised real-time service and support.

Messaging and SMS

Make it convenient for your customers to interact with you through their favourite apps.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Ensure calls are identified, prioritised, routed and transacted expertly, first time, every time.

Solution Certified for MS Teams

As a longstanding partner for development of Microsoft-integrated solutions, we offer well-defined migration paths to Microsoft Teams for contact centres on Skype for Business or any legacy PBX.

Customer case studies

Our contact centre solutions are designed to ensure successful and effortless customer interactions, whatever your size and budget. Find out how we can help.

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More customer interaction solutions

Choose the capabilities that work best for your company – as you need them. Our solutions are modular so you can add functionality such as Self-Service, Quality Control & Analytics, Enterprise Video Collaboration, and Integrations, as your requirements evolve.

Interactive Voice and Visual Response (IVR)

Automate simple, repetitive interactions with a wide range of speech recognition, touch-tone, and mobile IVR solutions.

Chatbots & AI

Serve and support your customers 24/7 with AI-powered solutions. Free up your agents and experts to respond to more valuable and complex queries.

Knowledge Management

Underpin your self-service with a self-learning, centralised knowledge base that can be shared between different channels and across your organisation.

AI-Enabled Agent Evaluation

Use AI and NLP to evaluate up to 100% of advisors and customer interactions, bias-free and across all channels.

Real-Time Speech Analytics

A virtual coach that helps your agents say exactly the right things, in the right way, on every call, and respond correctly to your customers in any given situation.

Call & Screen Recording

Multichannel live monitoring and secure recording of interactions across voice, email, chat, SMS and other channels.

Call Centre Solution Deployment Options

With flexible deployment options, our customer interaction solutions are quick to implement, easy to use, and adapt to meet ever-changing needs.

call centre private cloud deployment

A fully virtualised solution dedicated to you, fully optimised for your specific needs.

call centre multi-tennant deployment

Share the most advanced technologies and globally available infrastructure on a very cost-effective basis.

call centre hybrid deployment

Combines the benefits of both delivery models with extra flexibility and the ability to provide additional services.

call centre on-premise deployment

On-Premise deployments for total control over your communications and collaboration environment.

Your customers want to interact with organisations that value their time, in ways that are painless, quick, and easy. To meet these demands, ensure you have the right call centre software solutions in place.

Whatever your specific challenges are, we can help deliver the best call centre solution for you.

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