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Top 10 CX blog posts – learning from 2021

It’s been another year of transformation for the contact centre industry. The pandemic continues to impact every aspect of people’s lives, forcing companies to adapt to new customer behaviours and changing working models. To help prepare for the year ahead, we’re therefore highlighting some of the key trends to watch out for through a review of our top 10 CX blog posts from 2021.

1. Ways of increasing First Contact Resolution rates

The ability to resolve customer problems at the first time of asking has an enormous impact on customer satisfaction levels. In fact, research suggests consumers rank it as their primary focus when judging customer service interactions. So, how can companies focus on this key metric? We highlight four important considerations for driving continuous improvement in First Contact Resolution rates.

2. Using technology to nurture agent wellbeing

We all know that happy and engaged agents are likely to be more productive and deliver better customer service. Therefore, it’s imperative that organisations prioritise looking after their mental and physical health. Essentially happy agents = happy customers. Wellbeing is influenced by a host of factors including the work environment and workplace culture. Equally important, IT can play a role too. This post outlines eight ways technology can help support agent wellbeing.

3. Building agility into your contact centre strategy

Businesses across sectors currently face disruption by factors outside their control, from the pandemic to staff or product shortages. That requires a flexible approach to supporting agents and frontline employees who are dealing with the resulting challenges on the ground. coupled, We outline why and how you can create an agile customer service strategy, with the flexibility to deal with a rapidly changing world.

4. Successfully migrating your contact centre to the cloud

The benefits of moving your contact centre to the cloud include increased efficiency, scalability, and greater flexibility. Nevertheless, you’re more likely to reap these rewards if you plan your migration carefully. This post digs into five tips to ensure you make a smooth migration to the cloud including the factors to look for in a cloud contact centre technology vendor.

5. Fostering a winning hybrid contact centre working culture

Hybrid working has become the default for most customer service teams. While it offers efficiency and productivity gains, it also brings drawbacks. Particularly, hybrid teams are harder to manage, requiring careful planning to ensure employees are equally supported and productive whether working from home or in the office. In this post, we explain the key considerations for successfully building a hybrid contact centre.


Top 10 CX blog posts from the year – continued


6. The ROI of Microsoft Teams in the contact centre

The number of daily users of Microsoft Teams has continued to accelerate this year. Many contact centres have already embraced its benefits, while others are considering rolling it out. What are the benefits and how can you build a strong business case for Teams? Our in-depth post identifies five key areas where Teams can deliver ROI in the contact centre.

7. How AI-powered knowledge management drives customer service success

We all know the importance of knowledge within the contact centre. Despite that, the growing range and complexity of information that customers require make it difficult to keep your knowledge base up to date and fit for purpose. Introducing AI can overcome these challenges. We explain how to successfully deploy an AI-driven knowledge base to drive fast ROI and improved customer service.

8. Reaping the rewards of call monitoring in the contact centre

Call recording and call monitoring technology benefits contact centres in multiple ways, from assisting in dispute resolution to providing insights for improving agent performance. That’s why the majority of organisations prioritise integrating call recording into their contact centre platforms, such as Microsoft Teams. For this reason, our post examines five best practices to deliver maximum gains from call monitoring within your contact centre.

9. Four ways of reducing high contact volumes while increasing customer satisfaction

Today’s customer service teams are under pressure to provide the right answers to a growing volume of calls. Moreover, the challenge has been intensified during the pandemic with call volumes rising, greater staff absence and the added technical difficulties created by remote working.  We outline four approaches to reducing call volumes while preserving and boosting service levels.

10. COVID is no longer an excuse for poor service

With the pandemic continuing, 2022 promises to be another busy and challenging year for customer service teams. In the early days, consumers might have accepted lower service levels due to exceptional circumstances and challenging working conditions. However, those excuses won’t wash any more. One of our key predictions for the customer service sector in 2022 is that customer expectations continue to rise and they will demand the highest levels of service moving forward.

The customer service sector is continually changing – and this isn’t going to stop in 2022. And as always, we’ll share the most important trends in our weekly blog. So, do check back to keep up to date with analysis, best practice tips, strategic advice and the top 10 CX blog posts from 2022!