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Managing Customer Emotions

Why Managing Customer Emotions Is Even More Important Than You Think

By Customer Experience

Your customers do not choose you based on the experience you provide. Instead, customers choose you because of the experience they remember you provide. This is a small but vital difference. Therefore, managing what your customers remember is imperative for organisations today. Moreover, it also means contact centre employees should understand how they can positively help the memory-making process for customers. This…

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Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud

Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud

By Cloud, Contact Centre, Moving to the Cloud

A growing number of organisations are moving their contact centre infrastructure to the cloud. Across a whole range of industries, from housing and local government to retail and financial services, they are benefiting from greater flexibility and increased cost-effectiveness. However, many organisations still have questions about whether they should move their contact centre to the cloud. In this blog we therefore…

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Getting ready for clearing customer service

Getting ready for clearing customer service with the cloud

By Contact Centre

While the pandemic has impacted the whole of society, young people have been particularly affected. For example, this year’s A level students have seen their exams cancelled and replaced by alternative assessment models, while many have missed substantial parts of their schooling over the past 18 months. And for those looking to go on to higher education, they probably haven’t…

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The future of customer service for housing associations

By Housing, Hybrid Working

The ability to deliver high quality, consistent customer service is essential for housing associations. It one of the key areas that regulators evaluate when assessing providers. However, housing associations today face multiple customer service-related challenges, some intensified by the pandemic. What are these challenges and how can they be overcome? Building on our previous guest post from consultant Phil Riley…

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Technology to support your agents

8 ways technology can better support your agents

By Call & Screen Recording, Contact Centre, Knowledge Management, Live Video Chat, Real-Time Speech Analytics, Workforce Management

Contact centre agents are the frontline of your organisation. However, their jobs can be very stressful. Agents are often called on to help customers who may be angry or upset and they have to react with professionalism, compassion and empathy. Their jobs can often be monotonous and pressurised, with continuous monitoring to ensure they are resolving customers queries as fast…

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Meeting customer needs at the moment of truth

Meeting customer needs at the moment of truth

By Customer Experience, Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Every organisation understands that delivering the right experience to customers is central to attracting and retaining their business. Engaged customers are more loyal, spend more and recommend you to family and friends. In contrast disengaged consumers are unlikely to value your products and services. Moreover, they will switch to other brands when they can. Given the importance of customer engagement…

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hybrid contact centre culture

Building a contact centre culture for hybrid success

By Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Real-Time Speech Analytics

After a year of disruption, the ending of lockdowns and the opening up of businesses brings more change to the contact centre. Most are likely to adopt hybrid working with staff able to work flexibly either in the office or at home. This will bring new opportunities and challenges. However, the pressure is on for contact centres to adapt quickly. In recent…

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6 key trends in housing association customer service for 2021

By Chatbots & AI, Housing, Hybrid Working, Microsoft Teams, Unified Communications & Collaboration

For Housing Associations, customer service is key to success – it is essential to keep customers happy and make it very easy for them to communicate with the organisation. Previously, customer contact has often been limited to office and telephone interactions.  Coronavirus necessitated a rethink to maintain service standards and customer satisfaction whilst creating a safe working environment for staff…

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Addressing the contact centre retention crisis

By Customer Experience, Hybrid Working, Real-Time Speech Analytics

91% of contact centre staff are likely to leave their role in 2021, according to research carried out for Enghouse Interactive. And nearly half (48%) said that stress or burnout was the key reason for their decision. Given the pressures of the last year this headline figure shouldn’t be a surprise. Contact centre staff have had to deal with the…

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