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The challenges impacting customer service

2022 was a year of upheaval, with major disruption to economies, businesses, and individual lives. Coming on top of Covid, the impact of the war in Ukraine, rising prices and supply chain interruptions all affected consumer confidence. This changed customer behaviour, adding to the pressure on customer service teams. With economic headwinds continuing into 2023 we’ve collected our top blogs from 2022 to give insight into how businesses can respond.

1. How to transform your digital customer experience

Consumers increasingly demand a digital-first experience however and whenever they make contact. At the same time digitisation offers the contact centre the chance to boost efficiency and productivity. Yet 70% of digital transformation projects fail – our blog provides best practice advice for ensuring you successfully embrace digital in your customer service operations.

2. What is Natural Language Understanding and how does it help your customer service?

Many contact centres have already embraced artificial intelligence, such as by deploying intelligent chatbots powered by machine learning techniques. But the field of AI offers much more to the contact centre, particularly when it comes to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Our blog provides a non-technical introduction to the benefits they deliver to customer service teams.

3. How you can deliver customer experience in the metaverse

Customer needs are always changing, particularly when it comes to digital channels. That means businesses must understand and embrace new opportunities, such as the metaverse. This brings together the online, virtual, and augmented worlds to provide a potential new space for delivering customer experiences. We explore what businesses can do practically to deliver CX in the metaverse in our blog.

4. Successfully integrating your contact centre with Microsoft Teams

Organisations across every sector have adopted Microsoft Teams to enable greater collaboration, communication, and agility. However, to unlock its power within customer service, you need to integrate Teams with your contact centre solution. Our blog outlines the different options for integration, providing advice on which to pick for your specific needs.

5. The key factors behind migrating your contact centre to the cloud

Research finds that the reasons that companies are moving their contact centre operations to the cloud are changing. Businesses are moving from simply reducing costs to embracing new functionality and becoming more agile. Based on ContactBabel analysis, our blog highlights the key factors that are driving cloud migrations.

6. Top tips to reduce customer response times

Getting a fast answer to an enquiry is the number one priority for consumers. That makes reducing response times a key driver to improve satisfaction and increase loyalty. In our practical blog we outline seven ways that businesses can deliver quicker answers to queries.

7. The importance of providing a unified agent desktop

96% of agents have to use more than one solution when answering customer queries. Nearly 40% usefour or more systems. This leads to slow responses, angry customers, unhappy agents, and greater inefficiency. Implementing a unified agent desktop solves this issue. Our blog explains more about the benefits this strategy brings.

8. Best practices for customer service knowledge management

Providing accurate, up-to-date information to customers and agents is vital to offering successful service. However, in a fast-moving world with a rapidly expanding range of queries, managing knowledge is hard. We outline ten best practices to underpin customer service knowledge management success.

9. How to implement IVR in your contact centre successfully

The telephone still remains the most common channel for customer service. Ensuring that calls are managed efficiently is critical for companies. Implementing IVR solutions enable companies to meet their priorities while allowing customers to help themselves through self-service. Our blog provides insight and advice on creating an IVR strategy that delivers real results.

10. Making your contact centre more sustainable

Everyone has a role to play in protecting the world around us – and that includes customer service. How can contact centres reduce their carbon footprint and be more sustainable? We explain three key steps that companies can take to deliver greener customer service.

2023 promises to be a challenging year economically, directly impact customer service teams. To help, our blog will continue to provide ongoing analysis, best practice tips and advice. Visit us every week to read our latest post!