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Hybrid Working

Agent experience

How technology can improve the agent experience

By AI & Automation, Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Hybrid Working, Moving to the Cloud, Unified Communications & Collaboration

Providing a high-quality agent experience benefits both contact centre employees and the businesses they work for. Engaged agents provide better service to customers, are more productive and less likely to leave. However, traditionally contact centres have struggled with the agent experience. Much of this is down to the nature of the job. On top of having to help customers with…

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Multigenerational contact centre workforce

Tapping into the benefits of the multigenerational contact centre

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Hybrid Working, Training

A multigenerational contact centre workforce covers a wide range of age groups, all of whom have their own experiences, backgrounds, and expectations. To get the best out of their diverse skills your need to understand what makes each generation tick and provide a working environment and management style that meets their needs. The four main generations in today’s contact centre…

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Contact centre leadership skills

10 important attributes of a great contact centre leader

By Contact Centre, Hybrid Working

Successful customer service isn’t just about the frontline agents that interact with customers – it’s also about the contact centre leaders that manage agents and drive strategy. Having strong managers is essential at all levels of the contact centre, from the head of customer service and Chief Experience Officer (CXO), to team leaders and supervisors. They all need the right…

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Customer service viewed from the frontline

Customer service 2023: The view from the frontline

By AI & Automation, Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Moving to the Cloud

Nerys Corfield works closely with contact centres, acting as an advisor and consultant, particularly as they navigate the selection and implementation of new technology. We interviewed her about what she is currently seeing on the ground in UK contact centres. How is the current economic environment impacting customer service teams? I can see three different impacts on the contact centre…

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Contact centre employee experience

How to deliver an engaging contact centre employee experience

By Contact Centre, Customer Experience, Hybrid Working

The contact centre employee experience (EX) has always been vital to creating a great customer experience. Happy, motivated staff deliver better service that delights customers, solves their problems, and increases their loyalty. However, poor contact centre EX doesn’t just impact customer satisfaction. It also increases staff turnover, as unhappy customer service employees will vote with their feet and seek employment…

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cloud contact centre functionality

Why choose the cloud for deploying new contact centre functionality?

By Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Moving to the Cloud

Nearly three-quarters of contact centres now use the cloud in some form, according to ContactBabel’s Inner Circle Guide, sponsored by Enghouse Interactive. Many now choose the cloud for different reasons than simply reducing costs and improving efficiency. Instead, they are increasingly migrating to the cloud. This is because the Cloud allows them to add new functionality and solutions quickly, easily,…

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Native Teams Contact Centre – The New Era

By Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Microsoft Teams, Remote-Working, Unified Communications & Collaboration

Since its first release in 2017, Microsoft Teams has enabled businesses to shift successfully from on-site to remote working. And now we are looking at the new post-pandemic normal of hybrid working: a combination of on-site and remote. For the first time, contact centre agents can be both remote and connected to the whole business, wherever they are. Customer journeys are becoming…

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more sustainable contact centres

3 ways to make contact centres more sustainable

By Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Self Service

Sustainability is now a key focus for both businesses and consumers as people increasingly want to protect the world around us. Improving sustainability – for example by finding ways to reduce carbon emissions – is now a clearly stated goal for many businesses, with clear targets and metrics put in place. And consumers are increasingly demanding that the companies they…

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future hybrid contact centre

From Nessie to Necessity: The case for the future hybrid contact centre

By Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Remote-Working

In 1992 BT ran an experiment in Inverness – inventively named “the Inverness Experiment”. Eleven valiant volunteers from our contact centres (then called operator services) worked from home for a year. Far from unearthing a monster, the experiment was a success. Customer satisfaction went up, and so did employee satisfaction. However, in those days there was no broadband or WiFi,…

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Microsoft Teams in the Contact Centre

Why use Microsoft Teams in the Contact Centre? + 📺

By Collaboration Tools, Contact Centre, Hybrid Working, Microsoft, Microsoft Teams, Remote-Working

As the contact centre industry evolves, there’s an increasing focus on collaboration and agility. As well as empowering agents to deliver a better, more joined-up experience. For this reason, many contact centres are turning to Microsoft Teams. Relying on its combination of productivity tools, workplace chat, video meetings, shared file storage, and application integration designed to deliver a powerful collaboration…

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